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Featured Authors

Ian Dowman

Ian Dowman is Editor of Geomatics World. (read more)

Andrew Coote

Andrew Coote works for ConsultingWhere, the International IT consultancy providing strategic busines... (read more)

Nicolas Regnauld

Nicolas Regnauld has many years of experience in researching solutions for automating the generalisa... (read more)
Contributors to GIS Professional

Abigail Page

Abigail Page is a consultant, expert in geospatial technology and data management, bringing a considered approach to projects and teams, quickly applying rational thinking to ensure delivery at a high standard.Abigail has experience in the areas of the environment,... (read more)

Adena Schutzberg

Adena Schutzberg has worked in geospatial technologies for more than 25 years. She is a member of the Esri Education Team. (read more)

Alexander Avery

Alexander Avery is a recent graduate from the University of Edinburgh’s MSc course in GIS and has a BSc Hons in Geology and Petroleum Geology from the University of Aberdeen. He specialised in UAV photogrammetry and is interested in applying this to topographical model... (read more)

Alistair Rennie

Alistair Rennie is Coastal Erosion Coordination and Research manager at Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). (read more)

Amalia Velasco Martin-Varés

Amalia Velasco Martin-Varés is international affairs coordinator at the Directorate General for Cadastre in the Ministry of Finance. She has been working there for 29 years, in various technical and management roles with an increasing degree of responsibility. Since 2... (read more)

Barbara Bond

Barbara Bond spent her career in public service as cartographic researcher in MoD, initially in the forerunner of the Defence Geographic Centre and latterly as the senior civilian Director and Deputy Chief Executive of the UK Hydrographic Office, the first Defence Agenc... (read more)

Bolaji Afolabi

Bolaji Afolabi is the Author of GPS in Real Estate. He is a Real Estate Consultant, a Passionate IT Expert and a Registered Urban Planner. His real estate and geospatial technology experiences cut across Nigeria and other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.   (read more)

Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn read History at Queens’ College Cambridge and has been involved in publishing for most of his working life. He was one of the founding directors of Cassini and has since been closely involved with all aspects of the company’s growth and development. (read more)

Bruce Gittings

Bruce Gittings runs the GIS programmes at the University of Edinburgh, having joined the staff there in 1987, with degrees in geology and GIS. He has interests in distributed and web-based GIS, database management, gazetteers, data issues and terrain modelling, together with... (read more)

Calum G. Hoad

Calum G. Hoad is a graduate in Geography of the University of Aberdeen. (read more)

Cameron Gourlay

Cameron L. Gourlay is Data Processor for Andrews Survey. (read more)

Carlos Alonso Peña

Carlos Alonso Peña works as an advisory member of the Management Board in the Directorate General for Cadastre in Spain’s Ministry of Finance. He has been working in cadastre for the past 20 years, leading different e-government projects developed in the Directo... (read more)

Cherie Jarvis

Cherie Jarvis is a practice lead for Quantum Spatial Inc. She provides leadership and direction to clients and technical teams on enterprise GIS solutions. She helps clients identify the best options for integrating and maintaining spatial information based on business needs... (read more)

Chintana Herrin

Chintana Herrin is a reality modelling product marketing manager with Bentley Systems primarily focused on applications pertaining to 3D photogrammetry and point clouds. She is responsible for Bentley’s ContextCapture, Descartes, and Pointools applications. Herrin has... (read more)

Chris Mewse

Chris Mewse manages the Business Innovation team at Getmapping responsible for the creation of new geospatial web services to benefit customers and partners. Working in the UK and Africa he has experience in a range of disciplines including survey equipment design, project m... (read more)

Christoph Traxler

Dr Christoph Traxler is head of the geospatial visualisation group at VRVis and has experience in research and development in various 3D visualisation projects. He is a lecturer at TU Wien in Vienna, Austria. (read more)

Codrina Ilie

Codrina Ilie has been part of the FOSS4G 2016 Local Organizing Committee. She has been an OSGeo Charter Member since 2013. She is the Vice-President of the Romanian OSGeo Local Chapter, Codrina is a technical geographer and an active advocate and supporter f... (read more)

Conor Smyth

Conor Smyth is a skilled professional, motivated by making a difference to the successful delivery of challenging projects for positive impact. An accomplished technical operations/project manager with strong organisational, research, commercial, strategy planning and stakeh... (read more)

Dan Joseph

Dan Joseph works for the American Red Cross’s GIS team, and is involved in international disaster response and disaster preparedness programmes throughout the world. (read more)

David R. Green

David R. Green is the Director of the Aberdeen Institute for Coastal Science and Management (AICSM), Director of the M.Sc. Degree Programme in Geographical Information Systems, and Director of the UAV Centre for Environmental Monitoring and Mapping (UCEMM) at the Department... (read more)

Denis Shergin

Denis Shergin is an accomplished expert with a strong technical background in real-time 3D graphics, virtual reality, simulation and training, development of cross-platform desktop software, and game development. In 2005, Denis co-founded UNIGINE, bootstrapped with US$0 init... (read more)

Diana Murray

Diana Murray MA (Cantab), FRSE, FRSGS, FSA, FSA Scot, MCIfA, MIoD was the Chief Executive of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) for 11 years and recently was also joint CEO of Historic Scotland (HS) until the functions of both o... (read more)

Dmitri Mauquoy

Dmitri Mauquoy is senior lecturer at the Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen. (read more)

Dr Edward Pultar

Dr Edward Pultar is engineer / geographer / president at Valarm ( Valarm is a software company that helps organisations remotely monitor Industrial IoT sensor systems and display their real-time, geo-located data in a web dashboard. They special... (read more)

Dr Geoff Smith

Dr Geoff Smith is a director at Cambridge-based EO consultancy Specto Natura. He has been involved in EO for almost 30 years within academic, government and commercial environments including blue-skies research and applications. He is now heavily involved in the Copernicus P... (read more)

Dr Katherine Royse

Dr Katherine Royse is Science Director GeoAnalytics and Modelling for the British Geological Survey. She holds a PhD in Anorthosite petrogenesis and emplacement. She specialises in 3D Geological modelling and was previously Project Manager London and the Thames Gateway proje... (read more)

Dr Silvia Marinova

Dr. Eng. Silvia Marinova is a cartographer and serves as Chief Assist. Prof. at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia and Secretary General of Bulgarian Cartographic Association. She is involved in cartographic projects at KartGeo Ltd. Her scie... (read more)

Durk Haarsma

Durk Haarsma is publishing director of Geomares Publishing. He was publisher at Reed Business Geo for almost five years before Geomares Publishing was formed by a management buy-out on 1 October 2009. Prior to that, he worked for almost ten years as an editor and journalist... (read more)

Enrico Fabrizio

Enrico Fabrizio is an architect and holds a PhD in energy technologies from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, and a PhD in civil engineering from INSA in Lyon, France. He is assistant professor at the University of Turin. (read more)

Faith Clark

Faith Clark is an expert in GIS, mapping and the use of technology in the public and private sectors. She hasa degree in GIS and, for a number of years, has been writing about geospatial technology and helping companies promote their products and services as the GIS sec... (read more)

Frédérique Coumans

Frédérique Coumans is contributing editor for GIM International. For more than 25 years, she has been covering all aspects of spatial data infrastructures as editor-in-chief of various magazines on GIS, data mining and the use of GIS in business. She lives near... (read more)

Gabriele Garnero

Gabriele Garnero is Professor of Geomatics at the Degree Courses in Planning Sciences at the Polytechnic of Turin. His main fields of scientific interest are studies on photogrammetry and remote sensing applications, architectural surveys, application of GNSS and digital car... (read more)

Geoff Zeiss

Geoff Zeiss is currently Principal at Between the Poles, a thought leadership consulting firm. (read more)

Gerd Hesina

Dr Gerd Hesina is CEO of VRVis and has experience in research and development in various 3D visualisation projects. He is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien in Vienna and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria. (read more)

Gianni Cristian Iannelli

Gianni Cristian Iannelli is the CEO and co-founder of Ticinum Aerospace, an Italian Remote Sensing startup company which focuses on applying Earth Observation, GIS and machine learning technologies and data to meeting the needs of sectors such as insurance and agricultural.... (read more)

Glyn Arthur

Glyn Arthur is vice president of Business Development at Luciad. Previously he was  responsible for building Luciad operations in Africa, Middle East and Turkey regions. Glyn Arthur has worked in the defence and aerospace industry for over 25 years and is a subject matt... (read more)

Hayley Tear

Hayley Tear is a former PV Publications employee with a passion for all things geo. (read more)

Ismael Chivite

Ismael Chivite works as a senior product manager at Esri. With over 20 years of GIS experience, Chivite is passionate about building ArcGIS products that help organisations use geography to improve the way they work. (read more)

Jack Dangermond

A landscape architect by training, Jack Dangermond founded Esri in 1969 with a vision that a mapping and analysis framework could provide a deeper understanding of our world and help us design a better future. As founder and president of Esri, Dangermond's leadership and vis... (read more)

James Brayshaw

James Brayshaw is director and general manager for location intelligence, EMEA (MapInfo), Pitney Bowes Software based in Henley. (read more)

James D. McEwan

James D. McEwan is a Graduate in History at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. (read more)

James Eddy

James Eddy has been technical director of Bluesky International Ltd for the past 11 years. He has been involved with airborne remote sensing since 1995 and has been involved with the creation of some of the UKs largest aerial photo datasets. (read more)

Jamie Bowie

Jamie Bowie is a cartographer at the University of Aberdeen. (read more)

Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson is a freelance creative mapper. (read more)

Jan O. Jansen

Jan O. Jansen works in the Department of Surgery and Intensive Care Medicine, Ward 505, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.Tel: +44 01224 552956Email: (read more)

Jason Hagon

Jason Hagon is director and GIS Analyst at Geodrone Survey Ltd. (read more)
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