Glyn Arthur
Glyn Arthur

Glyn Arthur is vice president of Business Development at Luciad. Previously he was  responsible for building Luciad operations in Africa, Middle East and Turkey regions. Glyn Arthur has worked in the defence and aerospace industry for over 25 years and is a subject matter expert in geospatial defence, simulation training solutions and Air Traffic Management.

Luciad, founded in Belgium in 1999, is a provider of geospatial situational awareness solutions for mission critical operations, from safeguarding critical assets to creating the digital infrastructure for smart cities. The company is a world market leader in these solutions for the aviation and defence industry.


Effective Use of Geospatial Big Data

The heart of any geospatial analysis system, regardless of its location or configuration, is increasingly becoming the server. All systems face a similar challenge, whether the system is in the ‘cloud’, a secure data centre or on a single machine running in an office. This challenge is p... (read more)