Tim Fella is the global business development manager for land administration at Esri. He has broad experience with land tenure and land administration issues from around the globe. Just prior to Esri, Fella led new business development and consulting for the land and natural resources sectors at Indufor North America. Before that, he spent approximately ten years with the U.S. Federal Government (Millennium Challenge Corporation & USAID) where he led the design, management and evaluation of large land administration reform projects for national governments in more than 20 countries across Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. During his final year at USAID, he was nominated to chair the working group on land rights for the White House National Action Plan for Responsible Business Conduct. Tim Fella has a master’s degree in social sciences for international development and a bachelor’s degree in international relations.


Shedding Light on the Land Sector

Despite the enormous importance of good land governance for sustainable economic growth and social justice, land administration remains a sector that is lacking openness and transparency in many parts of the world. Land registry and cadastral records are often deemed too sensitive to share, unless a... (read more)