3D Laser Mapping Releases Automated Mine Monitoring Solution - 13/02/2018

Two unique scanner and software packages, developed by global mining technology specialist 3D Laser Mapping, are set to boost safety, efficiency and productivity for underground and open pit mining operations.

The long standing SITEMONITOR software gets an upgrade with the introduction of SITEMONITOR LIVE. The scalable solution marks a major step forward in mine surveying, asset monitoring and inventory management, providing real-time data and automated reports for improved operational intelligence.

Comprising three integrated software modules, SITEMONITOR LIVE captures and manages 3D point cloud data and has been designed to be deployed in mining and quarrying environments and any other locations where bulk materials are stored and handled. The three modules, +VOLUMES, +BERMS and +SLOPES, each address a specific site problem and although available separately, can be combined on a single user interface, enabling site-wide visibility in real-time.

+VOLUMES enables site teams to manage stockpiles by data generated from laser scanners, removing the need to measure them manually, while +BERMS is an automated monitoring system that allows a site to continually assess the structural integrity of berms. Suitable for underground and open-pit settings, +SLOPES collects and compares time-series data to identify precursors that could lead to slope failure, such as rockfall and slope displacement.

The second new package, PROCESSMONITOR LIVE, provides real-time, automated measurements of underground surfaces. Designed to be deployed in underground mining, construction and tunnel settings, the unique scanner and software package provides a visual representation of surface change in processes such as sprayed concrete application, tunnel excavation and slope stability monitoring.

“SITEMONITOR LIVE strengthens health and safety policies, taking site teams out of potentially dangerous areas where hazards are common, whilst PROCESSMONITOR LIVE is the first real-time remote sensing platform which has been designed specifically for underground construction use. These products offer the possibility to monitor site-wide operations in real-time.” said Dr. Graham Hunter, executive chairman of 3D Laser Mapping.

“Both software packages offer a real opportunity to improve not only the efficiency of mining processes, but also automate tasks which are time consuming and complex to manage and monitor. Both systems have been developed in response to feedback from customers who need to place safety and productivity in equally high regard.” continued Dr. Hunter.

For more information on SITEMONITOR LIVE visit www.3dlasermapping.com/sitemonitor-live/

For more information on PROCESSMONITOR LIVE visit www.3dlasermapping.com/processmonitor-live/

Last updated: 15/12/2019