Alliander Receives Esri Netherlands Enterprise GIS Award - 26/09/2017

During the Esri GIS Conferentie in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Walter van Boven, IT manager of utility company Alliander has received the 2017 Enterprise GIS Award for its implementation of geospatial information systems throughout The Netherlands. The two-day event on 20 and 21 September 2017 was packed with information, presentations by a wide range of organisations, case studies and workshops on various subjects.

On 21 September, general manager Jurgen ten Siethof made a recap of the first day using the report that was created as an artwork. He was followed on stage by Global Business Development manager Frits van der Schaaf who gave an insight in trends illustrated by examples of online shops that link the delivery moment to the client to the location data (and the estimated time of arrival linked to the handling time)  to match the best moment to pack and deliver the fresh goods in fuel station-based pick-up points. He also showed trends like the higher expectations of consumers, the digital transformation with the use of data science and technological accelerators like maps that can be instantly improved by (autonomous) cars sending real-time and real-life updates of the road situations.

Water utility Vitens demonstrated their use of GIS to plan and maintain their water-winning areas and mostly underground assets. They also make use of augmented reality and Mark Mankman and André Brinkhuis predicted that the Hololens will be a common tool in the future. They also went into the more technical side of their GIS system and availability for the organisation.

The plenary session was concluded by Yousef El-Dardiry of the startup Relive taking the audience through the process of realising their application that facilitates outdoor sport enthusiasts to integrate their performances into a 3D Esri base map with the option to add imagery themselves.

In the afternoon, like the day before, the delegates could see loads of cases and applications in dedicated sessions. During the days, there was plenty time to exchange experiences and find answers to questions in the booths of Esri and their partners – as well as talking with other participants.


Last updated: 18/02/2020