Cadcorp Provides Workload Modelling Analysis for Surrey Fire & Rescue - 19/07/2018

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) are benefiting from using Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Workload Modeller for a range of GIS analyses. Cadcorp SIS is used to carry out various tasks including production of thematic maps, hotspot maps and a variety of routing calculations. Cadcorp Workload Modeller is used to analyse the impact that any resource changes have on operational performance.

SFRS approached Cadcorp earlier this year to provide a third party quality assurance service on the data, methodology and results of modelling options for fire cover in Surrey.

In order to complete this project, SFRS supplied Cadcorp with the incident and callout data for the service, the base model and the results of each modelling scenario. Initially, Cadcorp verified the data by loading the incidents and callout files into a clean database and checked the creation of the routing database. Cadcorp went on to review the output of each scenario and provided SFRS with a report including the base model review, associated comments, overall recommendations and any suggested improvements for each scenario.

Sally Wilson, Head of Intelligence and Mobilising, SFRS said, “We’re committed to ensuring that any fire cover analysis at SFRS is conducted to the high standard that the public deserve. Third party validation is an important part of this process. We really appreciated having the support of Cadcorp on this project who were able to provide the assurance that both our data and results were of a high standard, as well as providing recommendations for future work”.

Martin McGarry, managing director at Cadcorp, said, “We are delighted with the feedback that we got from SFRS. Fire Services have a challenging time adapting to changes in resources and demand, and we’re pleased that we can support our customers during this process”.

Geographic information is increasingly becoming a strategic and operational resource for police, fire, ambulance and other rescue services. To find out more visit the Cadcorp website.

Last updated: 12/12/2019