Esri and XYO Network Bring Blockchain Location Layer to ArcGIS - 20/12/2018

XYO Network, the company bringing blockchain to the real-world, has partnered with Esri to bring new distributed, blockchain-based location verification functionality to the spatial analytics space. The XYO and Esri partnership is supported through their Start-up Program, a coveted three-year program that helps emerging business partners bring innovative solutions to Esri customers. The partnership enables users of the ArcGIS platform with access to blockchain technologies to develop applications.

XYO has become the emerging leader in the world of findable technology with Bluetooth and GPS tracking devices, with over 1 million location beacon devices circulating in the world, which allow everyday consumers to track real-world items in real time, right from their smartphones.

XYO Network will work to deploy location data to Esri’s ArcGIS platform to enhance the engine behind map-based decision making. The collaboration opens the possibility for ArcGIS users to enable increasingly important capabilities such as tracking cars in emerging smart cities, clarifying the often-dramatic geographic changes based on natural or man-made disasters, and many other location-based applications and scenarios.

“In the mapping and spatial analytics space, determining relative location of objects, and particularly those in motion, is important, and we have the opportunity to pair that ability and blockchain technology as a significant next step for the industry as a whole,” stated Kevin Bolger, Emerging Technology Practice Lead, Esri. “The use cases and possibilities in our initial discussions with XYO have been intriguing, and we very much look forward to building out deployments and deepening our relationship with the company.”

“We’re proud to call Esri a partner, and we look forward to providing decentralised geo-location data and our oracle network to other similar forward-looking organisations to create improved versions of their business data and intelligence.” said XYO Network co-founder Markus Levin.

For more information, visit XYO Network and Esri.

Last updated: 15/12/2019