FARO Release PointSense Update with added Features - 27/04/2017

FARO has released the PointSense 18.0 update. The software now allows Autodesk customers to utilize the point cloud processing tools with the latest Autodesk 2018 design tools, released in March and April 2017.

The PointSense Plug'ins now support:

  • AutoCAD 2018 64 bit versions (from 2015 upwards) and related products such as AutoCAD Architecture and Civil 3D 2018
  • Autodesk Revit 2018 64 bit version (from 2015 upwards)


To download new software setups please turn to http://setups.faro3dsoftware.com/

All-in-One Solution

The PointSense Suite is a new product bundle of FARO's popular PointSense Plug'ins for AutoCAD and Revit which accelerates the evaluation of laser scan data. It provides a complete set of powerful, industry specific point cloud processing tools on one license. AEC professionals can utilize the PointSense Suite to perform intelligent feature extraction, for design and scan to BIM as well as deformation analysis tools for QA/QC assessment.


  • All-In-One solution for processing scan data in the familiar Autodesk environment
  • Affordable investment compared to buying separate PointSense programs
  • Extraction of laser scan data according to different industry specifications by simple switch between software modules
  • Convenient software handling, as all software tools are stored on one license


The Suite includes: All PointSense for AutoCAD programs and PointSense for Revit.

Applications: As-built Civil/Survey, As-built architecture, Construction Q/C, As-built MEP/Plant, As-built Heritage

Crossgrade Options: The crossgrade from an existing single PointSense program is possible. Please contact our sales team using the contact form below.

Support of USIBD Standard in PointSense for Revit

PointSense for Revit 18.0 now offers an extended output option for the surface analysis. It is now possible to display different Levels of Accuracy (LoA) according to USIBD (US Institute of Building Documentation) standards. This option allows validation of the accuracy of an as-built model compared to the captured point cloud offering suveyors a proof of accuracy if defined tolerance levels of the principal are kept or not. The USIBD LoAs define general industrial standards in US. More information to found here: http://usibd.org/

Faster Scan Navigation and extended insert point cloud option

The enhanced scan navigation feature in PointSense for AutoCAD 2018 now allows faster navigation from one scanner perspective to the other. It can be easily processed using a double click on the scan label or using the related context menu. The insert point cloud functionality has been extended by including an additional option for locking point clouds. This function prevents deleting or moving point clouds unintentionally.

New Getting Started Screen

All FARO PointSense, PhoToPlan and TachyCAD programs now provide a new Getting Started Screen pointing the user to helpful self-learning material such as Tutorials, Videos and Tips & Tricks.


  • Faster entry to the software as beginner
  • Costs for additional training lapse


Last updated: 14/11/2019