Fugro Launches Subsurface Risk Platform Gaia for Construction - 29/11/2018

Geo-data firm Fugro has launched Gaia Insight, an online platform aimed at quantifying ground risk for construction projects. The platform, the first in a suite of ‘Gaia’ branded products, offers site-specific risk visualisation, which is already being utilised by hundreds of projects, within which it is analysing 12 million measurements per day.

Gaia Insight delivers geotechnical, geological and structural insights, integrating site investigation, real-time geotechnical and structural monitoring IoT and third-party data, and provides the analytics required to lower-ground risk and accelerate construction project schedules.

Alexander van Noort, Global Business Line Director for Land Site Characterisation at Fugro, said “Gaia Insight delivers verified data in real-time, reducing uncertainties, lowering the risks of geotechnical failure and avoiding disruption to the adjacent environment. This highly valuable, actionable intelligence allows clients to accelerate their projects, reducing costs and mitigating ground risk.”

Last updated: 23/10/2019