Hawaii Convention Center Launches Interactive Map from Concept3D - 21/03/2018

Concept3D, a leader in bringing physical spaces into the digital world through 3D modelling, virtual reality (VR), interactive maps and immersive virtual tour software, has announced that the Hawaii Convention Center has launched the company's interactive map and virtual tour platform.

The new 3D map creates a fully interactive and richly detailed digital version of the 1.1 million square foot Hawaii Convention Center. The multi-level map profiles the convention centre's 200,000 square foot Kamehameha Exhibit hall, 35,000 square foot Kalakaua Ballroom, registration lobby, 47 meeting rooms, two-tiered seating theatres, and 2.5-acre rooftop events garden, and makes it easy to find on-site artworks, basketball and volleyball court information, restrooms, parking, transit and nearby attractions, among many other guest and event planning needs.

The new interactive map is prominently displayed and accessible on the Hawaii Convention Center website, and is designed to give guests an easy and mobile-friendly way to navigate to, around and within the centre. The software application was designed by Concept3D specifically to help convention centres, resorts, and other meeting and events spaces cater to the needs of meeting and event planners and simplify the event planning process.

"We see Concept3D as a powerful information hub that offers the ability to explore all that we have to offer, from our indoor and outdoor meeting spaces to nearby hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. It's an engaging way to experience the convention centre from anywhere in the world." said Teri Orton, General Manager of the Hawaii Convention Center.

Located in the heart of cosmopolitan Honolulu, the Hawaii Convention Center is one of the most unique meeting spaces in the country, with an open-air design that brings the outdoors inside and allows meeting participants to experience a true Hawaiian sense of place.

"The Hawaii Convention Center space and surrounding areas are impressive, and the Concept3D platform brings it all to life online in a way that is perfect for guests and event planners and also engaging for anyone interested in exploring the convention centre," said Concept3D VP of Business Development, Chris Munz.

Explore Hawaii Convention Center's new 3D interactive venue map at: www.hawaiiconvention.com

Last updated: 03/04/2018