Increasing Compatibility with UAVs for Precise Mapping - 14/05/2019

Effigis Geo Solutions (Effigis), a Canadian innovation company that designs, implements and uses geospatial solutions, has launched a new version of EZSurv, the GNSS post-processing software of its flagship OnPOZ suite of software. The release will especially please users of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or 'drones'), with a new UAV image position interpolation module that spares them the trouble of manipulating files. Never before has the process been so short and free of errors – from PPK software to image analysis.

The new release now enables users to easily set and save drone configuration and to import Exif image files with PPK position directly in their image processing software. Additionally, the new version of EZSurv makes it possible to configure the output to the required format as well as launching the interpolation process with a single key stroke, in all cases. It also creates output files that are compatible with most image analysis software.

Changing needs of the market

The new version of EZSurv is meant to reflect the changing needs of the market, where mapping using GNSS receivers can be both accurate and affordable if combined with proper GNSS post-processing software.

“We are confident that the trend toward using UAV for mapping will keep gaining momentum,” sales representative Stephanie Gosselin explained. “So we have extensively listened to our UAV mapping customers to better understand the challenges they were facing. I trust that our new version meets most of their needs and makes the process as smooth as can be,” she added.

Last updated: 20/10/2019