Orbit GT Releases New Version of 3D Mapping Content Manager - 06/02/2018

Orbit GT has announced the release of 3D Mapping Content Manager v18. “The Content Manager is arguably the most powerful product in our 3D mapping portfolio” said Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT.

“As version 18 bundles all the expertise and technology to support the various types of 3D mapping techniques, the content manager now offers capabilities for oblique imagery, UAV mapping, indoor and terrestrial scanning projects on top of its mobile mapping capabilities. It is ideal to optimise and prep your data to be used in feature extraction, analysis, publication or sharing online using 3D mapping cloud.”

Update highlights include:

  • Fusion of mobile, UAV, aerial, indoor and terrestrial 3D mapping, lidar and imagery combined.
  • Enhanced data upload to 3D mapping cloud processes.
  • Single measure controller for Map 3D, mobile mapping, oblique and UAS data views.
  • Horizontal and vertical grid correction upon import and export point cloud files.
  • Advanced tools to re-organise, merge and export orbit runs.
  • Manage multiple ghost cleaning areas.
  • Usability, enhancements and bug fixes.


3DM Feature Extraction is available for download: https://orbitgt.com/3dm-feature-extraction/#downloads

3DM Content Manager is also available for download: https://orbitgt.com/3dm-content-manager/#download

Last updated: 18/02/2020