Pitney Bowes Updates Desktop Mapping Software to Power Innovation - 10/05/2018

Pitney Bowes Inc, a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of e-commerce, shipping, mailing, and data, has announced their continued focus on the user experience through the latest version of MapInfo Pro. MapInfo Pro version 17 is designed to satisfy the growing need of business and government analysts for more simplified user interfaces within robust GIS software.

“We recognised our clients’ desire to get back to the basics, so we took proactive steps to evaluate how to deliver an optimal user experience. Version 17 is our response and, based on client response during extensive beta testing, we’re confident this technology is a game changer for the GIS community.” said Bob Guidotti, President, Pitney Bowes Software.

Simplified User Experience

For people new to Location Intelligence, users are greeted with a Welcome window that includes quick links to information to help them perform their jobs with ease. In addition, the user interface is highly customisable, bringing the most used features to the forefront, including:


Collaboration with Customers

Since the launch of Li360, Pitney Bowes and its clients have collaborated side by side through the community to share best practices, analyse case studies, participate in real-time discussions, and identify development needs for Location Intelligence solutions. MapInfo Pro v17 was thoroughly tested by over 300 beta users who generated more than 100 suggestions, leading to over 50 enhancements. The beta group will be established as a permanent forum for ideas and improvements to MapInfo Pro in the future.

Productivity Enhancements

The new release MapInfo Pro incorporates the patented Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) compression format, a solution for analysing, visualising and sharing rasters of virtually unlimited size, while addressing the challenges of processing new data sources with speed.

MapInfo Pro also stands out for its powerful scripting and programmability, which can automate repetitive functions, benefiting both GIS professionals and end users who need only push a button to access complex spatial processing routines.

Driving Value in the Market

MapInfo Pro is part of the Knowledge Fabric from Pitney Bowes, which helps clients surface relevant business insights by understanding the relationships between people, places, and things. MapInfo Pro is a proof point of how software and data can be brought together to enhance business outcomes, namely improving decision-making, increasing customer engagement and reducing risk. For example:

  • Local and State Governments can improve outcomes in urban planning, economic development, utility planning, asset management and emergency response.
  • Telecommunications providers can better optimise the build-out of new 5G networks, plan new services to reduce customer churn, and visualise network coverage maps based on true signal data rather than estimations.
  • Retailers are using the technology to more efficiently analyse their customer base and their target markets to personalise promotions, optimise their physical footprint, and determine the mix between brick and mortar stores and e-commerce offers.
  • Insurance providers are using location intelligence to visualise risk and opportunity in their portfolios, pre-rate new policies to enable e-commerce, and perform related analytics based on access to highly accurate and global geo-coding data.


To learn more about MapInfo Pro v17, visit www.pitneybowes.com/us/mipro-free-trial.html

Last updated: 23/01/2019