Solv3D Updates SiteVisit360 Geospatial Collaboration Platform - 07/09/2018

Solv3D, a leading provider of 3D processing, geospatial data visualisation and collaboration tools, has announced that a number of new features have been released within SiteVisit360, further enhancing the experience in enabling visualisation and collaboration of geospatial data across the enterprise.

The first of the features included in this release are “Annotations”, which enables users to make free-hand markups directly on top of the imagery and point cloud data within the scene view.  Users can save, share, collaborate with and export the annotations. This will assist in being able to more easily and visually communicate requirements, changes, actions, etc.

The key feature of this release is the ability for Clients to host their own data. This allows clients who have existing infrastructure in place or require that the data remain within a certain physical location or geography, to align with any privacy or security requirements. This is also a more cost-effective model for the customer, as there is no redundant hosting and management expense associated in using our platform.

The third feature was developed in an effort to broaden the sharing ability across the entire organisation or with third parties, who only require visibility of the data, without all of the standard functionality of the application.  The Viewer license, allows for this type of use, at a very low cost.

"We're excited to get these features released out to our users.” said Solv3D chief technical officer, Kevin Miller. “These latest additions are the result of customer feedback. As industry leaders, we will continue to anticipate future requests to stay ahead, as well as work with our customers to build a revolutionary product that meets their requirements."

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Last updated: 26/06/2019