GIS Professional April 2017

In this issue, Steven Ramage reports from the SatSummit in Washington D.C. which he found to be engaging and informative; Steven Eglinton previews GeoBusiness 2017's conferences, workshops and exhibitions; The editor talks to Dr Rita Gardner CBE, Director of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG); For professional support for your GIS career joining the AGI is essential. Chair of AGI Council Abigail Page explains the possibilities; Patrick Rickles argues GIS Professionals need to diversify their skills and learn emerging technologies; and The University of Aberdeen has an enviable reputation for geoscience, GIS teaching and research explains Dr David Green.

Also, leading professionals from around the world give their views on the current state of GIS education; and Adena Schutzberg reviews the free online courses available in the geospatial sector.

Plus all the latest news and regular columns - Happy reading!

Geo Business Preview

Geo Business HallPage 15: Event chair, Steven Eglinton invites geospatial professionals to two days of conferences, workshops and exhibitions. Read now.

The Future of Geospatial Education

Ariel view of farmPage 21: GIS Professionals need to diversify their skills and quickly learn emerging technologies, argues Patrick Rickles. Read now.

Combining Theory with Practice

Ariel view of farmPage 23: The University of Aberdeen has an enviable reputation for geoscience, GIS teaching and research. Dr David Green explains. Read now.

imajview - GIS data production

imajview GIS data production

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