Our Mission is far from Done - Interview with the AGI

Recent changes in staffing and direction have been announced by the Association for Geographic Information. After a long haul and some tough decisions – the AGI looks set to embark in a new direction. GiS Professional recently caught up with key members of the Council to talk to them about the changes and the future for the organisation. GIS Professional editor Stephen Booth met with David Henderson (chair), Graham Wallace (vice-chair), Abigail Page (honorary secretary) and input from Andy Wells (honorary treasurer) ahead of this year’s ESRI UK conference to better understand the changes, the difficult decisions behind them and... (read more)
2016-12-23 12:57:41

Experimenting with Low-cost UAVs

The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as serious remote sensing platforms is a growing trend. They are already used in fields such as archaeology, construction, disaster relief, and the oil and gas industry. Sandy Avery and Bruce Gittins argue their ability to be deployed and produce results quickly, requiring only a small team to operate, enables their use in hardtoreach places. Though the financial and technical cost of using UAVs is constantly dropping, there are still high entrance barriers to their use. Many purposebuilt survey drones cost in excess of tens of thousands of pounds and require a significant... (read more)
2016-12-22 03:14:59

How to Increase Retail Sales Bridging IoT, Geospatial and AI

In the modern world, brick-and-mortar retail stores have to focus on new technologies to improve user experience (UX) and compete with the e-commerce stores. Geospatial analytics of location characteristics, demographic data, and trade areas helps retailers understand the impact this data has on store sales so that they can moderate success rates and improve performance. Internet of Things (IoT) also provides businesses with the ability to analyze the in-store impact light and temperature level has on consumer buying behaviour. However, defining true buying behaviour patterns can only be accomplished by using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that combine IoT data with... (read more)
2019-07-19 05:28:34

Online GIS and a Perfect Storm for Local Government

The author thinks we have been using the wrong metaphors. We shouldn’t allude to aircraft taking off but to storms and perfect ones at that, argues Chris Mewse. Getmapping has been in the forefront of providing aerial imagery and other services for many years, as well as promoting the benefits of collaborative on-line mapping. The potential for the use of digital mapping and GIS in local government has taken a long time to take off amongst the lower tiers like parish and town councils. There have been several delaying factors including the cost of software, cost and licence restrictions on... (read more)
2017-04-10 12:36:34

Agile and Open when Visualising Assets

Tom Stork explains how an interactive web viewer has allowed Scottish Water to unlock the potential of its data and share geospatial information throughout the organisation. Large, data-rich organisations face inevitable problems when accessing their information (1). Ever increasing emphasis is being placed on data-driven decision-making and a closed proprietary desktop GIS can struggle to provide the speed of access and clarity of visualisation required by decision makers. Creating a data-driven organisation and altering business processes begins with progressive small steps leading, eventually, to a paradigm shift. Solutions need to develop from early ideas before becoming the foundations of better... (read more)
2017-05-31 03:22:32

UAVs vs MAVs

James Eddy, technical director of Bluesky International and Industrial Associate at the University of Leicester explores the growing phenomena of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the UK and discusses the potential impact on the aerial mapping, surveying and GIS sectors. For many years unmanned aircraft were flown by model aircraft enthusiasts. Basic models cost less than a hundred pounds with more upmarket systems for a thousand or more. Now unmanned aircraft (UAs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UASs), remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs), drones – whatever term is in favour this week, are increasingly used for professional applications for data... (read more)
2017-04-10 02:58:06

Data Sharing Vital to Future Success - GeoPlace 2018

The recent GeoPlace Annual Conference took place on Thursday 10 May at Edgbaston Cricket Club in Birmingham, UK. Although many topics were discussed throughout the day, talk often circled back to needing one central hub of data that everyone has access to if the industry is going to progress, reports Jason Poole. In typical conference fashion, the day started with registration, refreshments, and a chance to look round the various stands at the exhibition (and out the window which overlooked the cricket ground). The Welcome talk was delivered an hour later by Nick Chapallaz, Managing Director, GeoPlace who proudly announced... (read more)
2018-06-21 11:45:15

Using Digital Data Capture for Traffic Management – Interview with John Booth

Our editor Robin Waters talks to John Booth, team leader for traffic management at Mouchel, who explains why he switched his department to digital data capture, the challenges involved and why he chose Trimble’s Geo6000 series. For over ten years, the manufacturers and suppliers of digital mapping systems have preached a simple sales message - if you want to improve your efficiency and increase your field/office productivity, then digital data capture is the way forward. However, the realities of switching to a new way of working – which can sometimes obscure the end rewards – cannot be ignored. An initial... (read more)
2016-12-22 12:35:38

Mapping the Past

Anyone who has tried to accurately match old Ordnance Survey maps with the current Landranger series will soon realize that it is not an easy task. Brian Quinn explains the painstaking process that Cassini Publishing has been through in creating its unique range of historical maps. Amelia Earhart’s observation that “it’s easier to start something than to finish it” is certainly true, as any writer stuck at the bottom of page one will testify. But when, and how, do things finish? Often there is no definite conclusion but rather a steady progression that leads past or round the original goal... (read more)
2017-05-31 02:56:47

The Next Chapter for Ordnance Survey - Interview with Nigel Clifford

Since June last year Ordnance Survey GB has had a new CEO. GIS Professional met him in London recently at the Geovation Hub, of which more anon. Nigel Clifford comes to the job via a career covering the NHS, e-commerce, British Telecom and other mobile players. He has a degree in geography from Cambridge and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. I met Clifford in OS’s Geovation Hub in the City, a buzzy building which also houses Catapult, a body promoting future and smart cities of which more anon. Tucked away at the end of a large open plan office... (read more)
2016-12-23 10:20:44
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