Thai Soccer Team Rescue Assisted by Intermap

In partnership with Mappoint Asia Thailand Public Company, and Chiang Rai University, Intermap Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial intelligence solutions, supplied its newly-released NEXTMap One, a 1m resolution elevation dataset, to the Thai Department of National Parks in an effort to help rescue the trapped Thai soccer team. This high-resolution elevation data was supplied within three hours, and used in conjunction with other sensors to identify elevation coordinates, prioritise potential drilling points, identify drainage paths, provide a detailed and interactive 3D model of the area, and determine alternate routes into the caves to help rescue the boys. NEXTMap One,... (read more)
2018-07-11 02:49:44

Bluesky 3D Terrain Models Underpin ARA UK Flood Risk Map

3D models derived from high-resolution aerial photography are underpinning the most up-to-date flood risk map of the UK. Working alongside Ambiental Risk Analytics (ARA), aerial mapping company Bluesky has supplied photogrammetrically derived digital terrain models (DTMs) for the whole of England, Scotland and Wales. Combined with river flow and rainfall data, these 3D models allow ARA to deliver a range of flood risk information for any property in the UK. “Our flood map products are used around the world by insurers, government agencies, property developers and emergency response services to visualize, assess and understand potential flood risk,” commented Mark Nunns,... (read more)
2019-03-19 10:11:33

Bluesky Aerial Data Helps Model Flood Risks Across England and Wales

Aerial photographs and detailed 3D elevation models purchased from Bluesky’s newly launched Map Shop are helping JBA Consulting model potential flood risks. The aerial photomaps, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data and DTM (Digital Terrain Model) are being used for testing JFlow – JBA’s award-winning hydraulic modelling software. In addition, the data are being utilised in the preparation and delivery of training courses for the software. JFlow is a two-dimensional hydraulic model which solves the St Venant Shallow Water Equations to model the movement of water over the ground. JFlow was developed by JBA to meet the needs of clients... (read more)
2017-01-06 04:57:20

Bluesky 3D Models Improve 5G and Smart City Network Planning

3D digital models derived from high-resolution aerial photography are helping network operators plan the rollout of services including WISP (Fixed Wireless Access), 5G and Smart City applications. The work by Leeds based Wireless Coverage uses Digital Terrain and Surface (DTM / DSM) models. Derived from Bluesky’s aerial photography, the models are used within Wireless Coverage’s WISDM software which uses GPU Acceleration technology to create dynamic coverage maps. These maps are already being used to help operators plan network infrastructure, undertake property level look-ups and conduct marketing campaigns. “Recent jumps in wireless technology allow huge uplifts in speed of data access... (read more)
2019-03-08 10:17:14

Pix4D Extends Drone-based Imagery with Machine Learning Techniques

Pix4D has introduced a new image classification technique as part of its Pix4Dmapper photogrammetry software. The solution uses new machine vision techniques for photogrammetry for automatically classification of drone-based point clouds. By using this feature, entire 3D point clouds are classified into individual groupings, divided into categories such as buildings, roads or vegetation. The solution has recently been integrated in Pix4Dmapper, the company’s photogrammetry software product. Ideally, a situation would exist where raw imagery would be converted automatically by the software into 3D models with attributed semantic information, but this new feature is a significant step in that direction and... (read more)
2018-01-02 03:22:13

ArcHeritage Reveal National Trust Hidden Treasures

3D maps created from aircraft mounted lasers are helping the National Trust uncover secrets at the historic Canons Ashby estate in Northamptonshire, UK. Working with archaeological and heritage practice ArcHeritage, Bluesky has completed a Lidar survey of 690 hectares, around and including the estate. From the millions of individual laser measurements collected, Bluesky created high resolution 3D models of the bare earth surface (Digital Terrain Model / DTM) and of its surface features, including building and trees (Digital Surface Model / DSM). Analysis of the models has already uncovered evidence of more than 300 potential archaeological features within the survey... (read more)
2017-08-14 10:40:48

Global Mapper Chosen for UAV Imagery Processing

US, Colorado-based DroneMapper has selected Global Mapper to perform the bulk of its data processing workflows. The company employs the software’s 2D and 3D visualisation tools to provide quality control of its ortho-rectified imagery and makes use of Global Mapper’s Lidar processing capabilities for DTM creation and terrain analysis. Unlike most companies who evaluate multiple software alternatives, DroneMapper found Global Mapper first and has stuck with it. The range of functionality in tandem with the format support convinced them that Global Mapper was an ideal solution for their needs. For over two decades, Blue Marble's GIS software has been meeting... (read more)
2017-07-26 01:59:38

Bluesky Launches Nationwide Map of Building Heights

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has launched the first UK nationwide map providing accurate height measurement for around 40 million buildings. Created from a combination of remote sensing surveys, including data from aircraft mounted lasers (LiDAR), the Heighted Building dataset covers the whole of England, Wales and Scotland, and will help to change the way we visualise and understand the built environment. By applying height values to 41,083,111 buildings gives planners, developers, local government, utility companies and the emergency services a new perspective. Including multiple values for every residential, leisure, retail, commercial and industrial structure in mainland UK, the dataset will... (read more)
2017-07-18 02:58:13

Bluesky and Getmapping Awarded Government Contract

Aerial mapping companies Bluesky and Getmapping have announced that, working with UK, Welsh and Scottish governments, they have entered into an agreement for the next two years which makes their data available free at the point of use to public-sector bodies in England, Scotland and Wales. In a first for Great Britain, the latest aerial photography, together with 3D height models and Colour Infrared imagery, is now available to more than 4,500 public-sector organisations. The Aerial Photography for Great Britain (APGB) contract will support the government’s recently announced Geospatial Commission, which aims to help capture, coordinate and harness the economic value... (read more)
2018-09-25 02:09:10

Bluesky and Getmapping Launch Aerial Mapping Service for UK Government

As part of the Aerial Photography for Great Britain (APGB) contract with the UK’s Geospatial Commission, Bluesky and Getmapping are providing free at the point of use Web Mapping Services (WMS) for qualifying local government organizations. This allows APGB members, such as local authorities and national parks, to access and use high-resolution aerial photography - 12.5 and 25 centimetre - securely online. Using a simple HTTP interface, licensed users can define their area of interest and stream data directly into their GIS or desktop mapping software. The aerial photography can also be downloaded and stored for use in internet and... (read more)
2019-03-14 10:19:26
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