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Opensource GIS

A disruptive force or a driver of Innovation?
In order to better understand the increasing availability and emerging popularity of opensource GIS options, you first of all need to place it in a wider evolutionary context. From the 5th Century’s Babylonian stone carving map, through to the creation of the Mercator navigational Projection, and later on to the development of the printing press, the power of mapping has always been about its ability to communicate and disseminate knowledge and ideas about our world. GIS is the most recent phase of mapping evolution which carries on this tradition. Prior to its commercialisation in the 1980s and 1990s, GIS was... (read more)
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GIS Comes of Age

An important issue for all our readers as we focus on education and training for GIS professionals plus the growing market for remotely sensed data from space. Just over two years ago Sir Mark Walport, the UK Government’s chief scientific advisor, told delegates at the AGI GeoCom conference that “geospatial now underpins everything government does”. That applies to local government and the emergency services too, through the PSMA and the work of GeoPlace. Our focus on education and training in this issue underlines how geospatial and geography have truly come of age. Our interview with the RGS’s director Dr Rita... (read more)
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Bringing in GIS (2)

A Robust and Quantative Business Case
Senior management with sufficient buying power and influence will only support IT programmes that directly and demonstrably add value to the organisation; a share in the budget must be aggressively competed for. The department with the most robust, articulate and proven business case or ‘game plan’ will get the largest share. The authors provide insight into building such a business case. This is the second in a series of three articles. The first promoted a top-down approach to effecting change within an organisation, rather than pushing from the bottom up with a technology-driven solution. A three-step approach was outlined: (1)... (read more)
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