Data and Software Solutions Through Location-Based Insights

Pitney Bowes has expanded its data and software solutions that will enable organizations to better understand customers with context to location. The expansion includes updates to the Pitney Bowes Spectrum solution, which incorporates address, location and customer data information to create a single view of a customer; unique customized data sets that organizations can deploy to supplement existing investments in business intelligence (BI) infrastructure; and the U.S. debut of the Confirm solution suite, a popular infrastructure management solution used by hundreds of government agencies around the world to improve employee efficiency and constituent services. According to Bob Guidotti, EVP &... (read more)
2017-09-27 04:43:09

Why Location Matters in Data Analytics

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is holding its Annual Conference on 23 November 2016 called #GeoCom16 “Why location matters in data analytics” and it will take place at the Royal Geographical Society’s headquarters at 1 Kensington Gore in London. Taking on a new, streamlined one-day format, it will feature key guest presenters and lightning sessions by members. Rollo Home, Chairman of the AGI’s Action Working Group organising the event, said’ “The AGI is proud to bring our new-look Annual Conference #GeoCom16 to the RGS, considered to be the heart of geography and home to many professional geographers and explorers,... (read more)
2017-01-15 03:17:19

Fugro Launches Subsurface Risk Platform Gaia for Construction

Geo-data firm Fugro has launched Gaia Insight, an online platform aimed at quantifying ground risk for construction projects. The platform, the first in a suite of ‘Gaia’ branded products, offers site-specific risk visualisation, which is already being utilised by hundreds of projects, within which it is analysing 12 million measurements per day. Gaia Insight delivers geotechnical, geological and structural insights, integrating site investigation, real-time geotechnical and structural monitoring IoT and third-party data, and provides the analytics required to lower-ground risk and accelerate construction project schedules. Alexander van Noort, Global Business Line Director for Land Site Characterisation at Fugro, said “Gaia Insight delivers... (read more)
2018-11-29 10:37:48

GeoPlace Endorses the Transformational Power of Addresses and Street Data

Transforming the way public services are delivered provides a key to delivering critical services with less. Sharing data is a cornerstone of change, but sharing data is a huge challenge in itself. A new report from GeoPlace ‘Everything happens somewhere; address and street data a common standard for digital transformation’ provides scalable examples demonstrating how address and street data, already freely available and held within every local authority in Great Britain, can be used by councils today to save and deliver better services tomorrow. Address and street data are the identifiers of places and where people are. They provide a... (read more)
2017-01-14 05:08:27

GeoPlace Annual Conference Announces Speakers

A somewhat controversial theme will take centre stage at the annual GeoPlace conference on the 11th May at Leeds United Football Club. Jon Franklin, Head of Data & Information Strategy Valuation Office Agency will discuss “Why I hate addresses”. On the face of it an interesting presentation at a conference aimed at address, street and geographic information experts in the UK! Jon’s presentation will highlight the complexities and challenges that organisations face in developing and managing large property databases and why the work that local councils do is central in bringing order into this chaos. Presentations from the Office for... (read more)
2017-04-25 12:52:35

How did you get into Geography in the First Place?

Chair of AGI Council Abigail Page charts her path to membership and achievement at AGI. . . and the route to outstanding cocktails! I’m always interested in who’s who at the AGI, where they’ve come from, and how they ‘got into’ geography in the first place. We have such a diverse membership – and with the emphasis on education and personal development in this issue, I wanted to share something about my own career path, the role for personal development, and indeed the changing nature of the AGI. Before entering a world of geo, I spent time managing a photo... (read more)
2017-08-04 10:49:24

Geovation Reveals Next Wave of GeoTech and PropTech Businesses

Seven exciting start-ups will join the Geovation Programme and receive the strategic backing of Ordnance Survey (OS) and HM Land Registry (HMLR). The Programme, which acts as an accelerator course to new GeoTech and PropTech businesses, will see each of the start-ups receive up to £20,000 in grant funding and a range of resources and services to help them develop their business. Alex Wrottesley, Head of Geovation, said “Entries for the Programme were again of a very high standard. The Programme is designed to give them the best possible support to help propel them to the next level. We offer... (read more)
2018-04-25 11:19:17

Topcon Announces Next Generation Flight Planning Software

Topcon Positioning Group has announced the next generation flight planning system for its rotary-wing aerial UAV offering – Intel Mission Control Software. The software is designed to facilitate automated flight planning, managing missions, and data handling for the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition and its available payload options. The software is designed to increase accuracy with advanced mapping features that allow operators to easily set project parameters and prepare missions using presets for 2D areas like polygon, corridor and city grid, as well as 3D structures like towers, buildings and facades. “Operators can take advantage of 2D and... (read more)
2019-05-29 10:53:39

BIM-GIS - Here, There and Everywhere

Giving the annual UKGEOforum Lecture at the RICS last month, Ordnance Survey’s new director general and CEO Nigel Clifford said that rather like the late David Bowie, Ordnance Survey has constantly had to reinvent itself. Like so many of us the mapping agency has been on an endless journey since the arrival of the digital age and the Internet. As greater processing power and storage capacity has grown, so has our insatiable appetite for more data, more features, more solutions. Will consumers one day expect a 3D Britain of point clouds, available online, on demand? Perhaps, now that wi-fi is... (read more)
2017-04-06 05:42:24

Pitney Bowes Updates Desktop Mapping Software to Power Innovation

Pitney Bowes Inc, a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of e-commerce, shipping, mailing, and data, has announced their continued focus on the user experience through the latest version of MapInfo Pro. MapInfo Pro version 17 is designed to satisfy the growing need of business and government analysts for more simplified user interfaces within robust GIS software. “We recognised our clients’ desire to get back to the basics, so we took proactive steps to evaluate how to deliver an optimal user experience. Version 17 is our response and, based on client response during extensive beta testing, we’re... (read more)
2018-05-09 01:01:45
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