Land Registry and INSPIRE Index Polygons - Interview Andrew Trigg

Robin Waters talks across the waves to Andrew Trigg to discover more about latest developments with Land Registry, particularly its download service for INSPIRE Index Polygons. For over 20 years, the Land Register for England and Wales has been available for anyone to view but before 1990 it was “closed” to the public – you needed the permission of the owner of registered land in order to look at the register entries for that land and find out who owned it! And it was only in 1990 that compulsory registration, on transfer of title, reached every part of England and... (read more)
2017-02-27 05:33:05
2019-01-16 03:05:27

Big Data, Polygons, Land Registration and Geohazards

In articles and in the news columns we have an eclectic mix of topics and geography this month – from land reform to lidar, from pricing and licensing to centralised address maintenance and from Wales to the south Pacific via eastern Europe. Throw in crowdsourcing and Big Data and I think we have something for everyone. Last month we commented on the Land Registry being rushed towards the private sector and its simultaneous attempts to offer wider services to local authorities. This month it seems that Ordnance Survey is following suit and, although there are no (public) consultations on privatisation,... (read more)
2016-12-22 02:32:36

Shedding Light on the Land Sector

How Open Data for Cadastral Records is Gaining Traction
Despite the enormous importance of good land governance for sustainable economic growth and social justice, land administration remains a sector that is lacking openness and transparency in many parts of the world. Land registry and cadastral records are often deemed too sensitive to share, unless acquired for a fee, or the records themselves may be unreliable or in formats that are not easily accessible. In geographies where the rule of law may not be strong, this presents opportunities for government abuse and corruption. A 2013 study by Transparency International found that one in five people around the world reportedly had... (read more)
2017-05-19 10:10:12

Land Information New Zealand Wins Environmental Award

LINZ’s efforts to help fight Wilding Conifers – a rapidly spreading invasive pest tree – were recognised at this year’s Spatial Excellence Awards. LINZ’s web-based mapping and monitoring tool for authorities to assess and improve efforts to control the spread of this significant pest, picked up the top prize in the Environment and Sustainability Category. According to deputy chief executive Crown Property, Jerome Sheppard, the tool is being used by authorities all over the country and underpins the National Wilding Conifer Management Programme – a partnership between LINZ, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the Department of Conservation, New Zealand Defence... (read more)
2017-11-20 09:01:59

UK Land Cover Change and CORINE

Keeping track of land cover change is essential for governments and planners in the EU. For the UK this can only be done through Earth Observation techniques. Dr Geoff Smith explains how a land cover map has been continually updated for more than three decades. Over the last 30 years, the CORINE Land Cover (CLC) map has become the de facto standard for land monitoring across Europe. CLC was born out of the Coordination of Information on the Environment (CORINE) Programme proposed by the European Commission (EC) in the mid-1980s. CORINE overall aimed at gathering information relating to key environmental... (read more)
2017-04-10 11:54:54

Geovation Programme Open to Location and Land Disruptors

A new generation of location and property data start-ups are to receive funding, business support and the strategic backing of Ordnance Survey (OS) and HM Land Registry (HMLR). The Geovation Programme is now accepting applications from start-ups using location and/or land and property data in their products and services. Deadline for submission is 17 August 2017. If selected to join the Programme, the start-ups will each receive up to GBP20,000 in funding and a range of resources and services that will help them develop their businesses. This includes access to experienced software developers, geospatial expertise from OS, property expertise from... (read more)
2017-08-02 09:10:22

Avenza Adds 36,000 LAND INFO Maps to Store

Avenza Systems Inc has announced the release of more than 36,000 maps by LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC on the Avenza Map Store, exclusively for use in Avenza Maps, its mobile mapping app. Avenza produces MAPublisher cartographic software for Adobe Illustrator and Geographic Imager geospatial tools for Adobe Photoshop. LAND INFO is a provider of global digital topographic map data, satellite imagery and value-added remote sensing solutions including advanced Object Based Image Analysis. “With this release of LAND INFO maps for our users, Avenza confirms its position as a global leader in supporting those who use offline maps for everything... (read more)
2018-01-24 10:37:57

Bluesky Aerial Images Reveal Britain's Hidden Land for Mapmakers is using the latest aerial photography from Bluesky to produce bespoke maps of rural farms and estates. The largest producer of customised mapping for private landowners in the UK,’s map products are used for a variety of applications, including a growing concern for rural safety. The detailed maps are increasingly being produced for landowners who are concerned about employees working in remote locations in the event of an accident or other incident requiring support from the emergency services. “In addition to the more traditional uses of our maps, there is a growing requirement from landowners to be able... (read more)
2017-01-14 05:26:20

The Land of Coding - Cartography and the Embrace of Technology

Mike Foster is a cartographer, GIS professional and visualisation expert from Boston who currently works in the San Francisco tech industry. He has previously worked at MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning and is active in the US GIS community. The following is a republished version of Mike's blog about the complex but changing landscape of cartography. It's a must-read for traditional cartographers, GIS specialists, coders and visualisation professionals. Somewhere in the past few decades, cartographers have lost control of cartography. How could this happen? Can we get it back? Learning to Code This past fall, I co-taught an... (read more)
2018-10-04 05:00:48
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