Hexagon Mining Introduces GeoLogic

Hexagon Mining has unveiled GeoLogic, a modeling software solution to help geologists explore multiple interpretative scenarios and quickly build complex shapes directly from drillholes. Fully integrated with Hexagon Mining’s MineSight Planning Suite, GeoLogic empowers geologists with smart, time-saving modeling. Designed for a geological modeler, GeoLogic leverages the power of implicit modeling by sequencing surfaces and solids to create an airtight geological model. Geologists can now build a timeline of geological events. Reproducible and auditable, the geological model can be quickly updated with new information. GeoLogic features a smart vein-set creation and strata-layer stacking methodology based on MineSight’s true thickness functionality.... (read more)
2017-03-23 04:31:25

Hexagon Mining Introduces Stope Optimizer

Hexagon Mining has unveiled Stope Optimizer, a strategic mine planning tool for underground. It automates the design of stope shapes for a range of stoping methods. Using constraints and design parameters, Stope Optimizer provides the optimal design to maximize the value of an orebody. The outputs (stope wireframes, coded block model, and reports) are suitable for use in strategic and tactical planning. Stope Optimizer allows you to quickly and easily perform feasibility studies for underground, as well as investigate stoping frameworks and economic scenarios. Its integration with the MineSight Mine Planning Suite saves time and money because by integrating with the... (read more)
2017-06-08 02:47:02

Hexagon Mining Introduces Statistical Tools for Mine Planning

Hexagon Mining has introduced Sigma, a comprehensive package of statistical and geostatistical programs to analyze and evaluate drillhole, blasthole, and model data. Part of the MineSight mine planning suite, Sigma includes time-saving workflow features for resource geologists and other mining professionals tasked with building a block model. It's fully integrated with MineSight Torque and MineSight 3D to produce sophisticated and customizable reports, charts and graphs. “The block model is the foundation of all planning tools, and to build a sound block model demands a high level of data comprehension,” said Product Manager, Alyson Cartwright. “Sigma assists the user throughout the... (read more)
2017-06-23 02:56:59

Gaming Technology Brings 3D and VR Data Visualisation to Mining Industry

Mining technology developer Maptek and augmented reality experts LlamaZOO are teaming up together to bring digital twinning and advanced 3D data visualisation to the mining industry. LlamaZOO Interactive is an award-winning software studio developing 3D interactive data visualisation solutions for enterprise and industry 4.0. LlamaZOO specialises in centralising disparate spatial datasets and making the information actionable for all stakeholders through real-time engaging 3D and VR/AR. Maptek stakeholders within customer networks will be able to interact with their spatial data in high-resolution 3D, in a format typically only seen with high-end video games, but with actionable real-world data. Imagine viewing live... (read more)
2018-08-22 11:27:21

A Mine of Information on your Mobile

The Coal Authority has today launched a mobile-friendly version of its popular Interactive Map Viewer, which allows anyone to view selected coal mining information on a smartphone or tablet. The Interactive Map Viewer includes INSPIRE compliant data for professional GIS users, enabling them to stream data directly to their own GIS. The new version is now available on gov.uk/coal authority and helps people to find out if a property is near coal mining features. The viewer doesn’t replace the need for a detailed coal mining report. People should still check if a coal mining report is needed by visiting www.groundstability.com.... (read more)
2017-01-09 03:00:56

Maptek Releases New Versions of Vulcan and Eureka

Mining technology developer Maptek has delivered Vulcan version 10.1, together with Eureka version 4.0, to customers globally. Vulcan and Eureka are both accessed and operated through the Maptek Workbench, offering users the first instalment of a continuum of integrated technical software applications, data and workflows dedicated to mine planning, measurement and operations. Vulcan has led the field of geological modelling and mine planning for almost 40 years. Vulcan 10.1 features new functionality to streamline design and planning, optimise drill & blast and improve reporting and analysis. Maptek continues to develop Eureka as a dedicated exploration, drilling and geophysical analysis package... (read more)
2017-05-16 10:37:25

3D Laser Mapping Releases Automated Mine Monitoring Solution

Two unique scanner and software packages, developed by global mining technology specialist 3D Laser Mapping, are set to boost safety, efficiency and productivity for underground and open pit mining operations. The long standing SITEMONITOR software gets an upgrade with the introduction of SITEMONITOR LIVE. The scalable solution marks a major step forward in mine surveying, asset monitoring and inventory management, providing real-time data and automated reports for improved operational intelligence. Comprising three integrated software modules, SITEMONITOR LIVE captures and manages 3D point cloud data and has been designed to be deployed in mining and quarrying environments and any other locations... (read more)
2018-02-13 02:02:07
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