Global Mapper Chosen for UAV Imagery Processing

US, Colorado-based DroneMapper has selected Global Mapper to perform the bulk of its data processing workflows. The company employs the software’s 2D and 3D visualisation tools to provide quality control of its ortho-rectified imagery and makes use of Global Mapper’s Lidar processing capabilities for DTM creation and terrain analysis. Unlike most companies who evaluate multiple software alternatives, DroneMapper found Global Mapper first and has stuck with it. The range of functionality in tandem with the format support convinced them that Global Mapper was an ideal solution for their needs. For over two decades, Blue Marble's GIS software has been meeting... (read more)
2017-07-26 01:59:38

Topcon Introduces MAGNET Inspect for UAV Inspection Applications

Topcon Positioning Group has announced a software package designed to facilitate data processing workflow for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) infrastructure inspection - MAGNET Inspect. The software efficiently manages large UAV data sets to create inspection reports. “MAGNET Inspect will work with models from virtually any UAV. When combined with Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition and Topcon ContextCapture, powered by Bentley Systems, the software enables operators to efficiently navigate, annotate, and create reports with inspection photos, effectively creating a very strong end-to-end inspection workflow,” said David Ahl, director of software product management. “It is now a key element of the Topcon end-to-end UAV and... (read more)
2018-08-31 10:42:59

Technology Taking Off - Survey Association UAV Conference 2013

Richard Groom reports back from the Survey Association’s recent UAV conference at the Newark showground in June. Sadly the weather limited the flying display but delegates still got a real understanding of the latest technology for mapping. The Civil Aviation Authority prefers the term “unmanned aircraft” (UA) to unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or system (UAS). This may sound pedantic but (thankfully) logic and order are fundamental to air traffic control. And the first speaker, Gerry Corbett, who is in Flight Operations Policy at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), says that the same principles apply to piloting an aircraft, whether they are... (read more)
2017-01-25 02:52:34

Innovations at First Hand - Commercial UAV Show 2017

This was the fourth year the UK Commercial UAV Show was held in the ExCeL Centre, London, UK, and for the first time, this year was moved from the month of October to 15-16 November 2017. This event has always been a very good opportunity for the UAV enthusiast, commercial UAV and related companies, and the public to get first-hand insight into this technology, the many platforms and sensors available, the breadth of applications, and all the associated technologies such as batteries and Apps for autonomous flight, as well as drone insurance, pilot training, and various other items of interest... (read more)
2017-11-28 08:45:04

PrecisionHawk Opens Free Access to Software for UAV Mapping

PrecisionHawk, a leading commercial UAV and data company, has opened access to its professional mapping and analytics software, PrecisionMapper, for free. By eliminating the cost barrier, the company gives operators the flexibility to bring their own drone and consistently generate value from aerial information. UAVs have the potential to capture more high-resolution data than any other technology, but PrecisionHawk believes that drones are being under-utilised because of the cost barriers around processing, analytics and storage, said CEO Michael Chasen. Users should be able to walk into any store, buy a drone and use that drone to generate business insights for free. Xponential... (read more)
2017-05-10 10:12:50

Multivista Partners with DroneDeploy to Advance UAV Mapping

Multivista, part of Hexagon, has announced a partnership with DroneDeploy, a cloud software platform for commercial drones, to expand project management capabilities for the construction industry. Thanks to sophisticated platform integration, Multivista users now have access to an array of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) resources. “This is the most robust and dynamic integration Multivista has developed to date,” said Graham Twigg, chief technology officer at Multivista. “We’ve created a platform that serves up our captured aerial data in the most appropriate form for each project stakeholder – those who need to inspect can view, those who need to quantify can... (read more)
2019-01-23 10:15:45

Orbit GT Supports All UAV Imagery on Desktop and in the Cloud

Orbit GT has been updated and now supports all types of UAV imagery in its desktop products and SaaS product “It’s great to announce that our latest releases support the various image content produced by UAVs”, said Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. “While mapping projects produce Nadir images, other projects like pole inspection produce front-facing or oblique imagery. All of these are now seamlessly integrated in our desktop and online portfolio.” Whichever the project, you can opt for dense matching to generate a point cloud or textured mesh. In every situation, details can be viewed, measured and extracted with the... (read more)
2019-02-21 10:41:38

Monitoring, Mapping, and Modelling Saltmarsh

The UAV Way
Coastal and estuarine saltmarsh has long been recognised as having key physical, ecological, and recreational value, acting as sediment and nutrient traps and as natural coastal protection structures functioning as protective buffers between the land and sea. Additionally, they are important areas for shelter, feeding and breeding of diverse forms of wildlife (Doody, 2007). Recent work suggests that saltmarshes are particularly good for demonstrating how the coast can change in response to environmental influences, including relative sea level rise. The pace of current Scottish relative sea level rise (Rennie and Hansom, 2011) may lead to inundation of coastal saltmarsh, with... (read more)
2017-07-31 03:59:08

UAVs vs MAVs

James Eddy, technical director of Bluesky International and Industrial Associate at the University of Leicester explores the growing phenomena of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the UK and discusses the potential impact on the aerial mapping, surveying and GIS sectors. For many years unmanned aircraft were flown by model aircraft enthusiasts. Basic models cost less than a hundred pounds with more upmarket systems for a thousand or more. Now unmanned aircraft (UAs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UASs), remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs), drones – whatever term is in favour this week, are increasingly used for professional applications for data... (read more)
2017-04-10 02:58:06
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