Optimising Pipeline Surveying Technology

Specialist engineering input, combined with customised software development, has resulted in a pipeline surveying solution that emphasises why partnerships can be so effective. The starting point for this application-specific solution from Capita’s property and infrastructure business was a Bluetooth link between an RD8000 cable and pipe locator and KOREC’s data collection software. Capita’s property and infrastructure business is one of the UK's leading multidisciplinary consultancies providing a range of design, project delivery, infrastructure, real-estate and business transformation services. Its utilities and industrial division specialises in engineering, design and project management services for a wide range of clients including major UK... (read more)
2017-05-31 02:44:08

3DUserNet Shaping a 3D World with Interactive Portal

3DUserNet enables users to store, view, work on and share all their 3D data and projects directly online, on one portal, using modern devices, anywhere. With collaboration features such as project groups and guest viewers, 3DUserNet makes 3D point-cloud and model data accessible to groups of stakeholders, making it a natural part of any digital transformation programme. It has a simple to use range of features and SaaS tools for core tasks on point-clouds from any source and 3D models, and enables integration of the two on the same project, which will satisfy 3D professionals. But by making 3D information... (read more)
2017-09-19 09:28:36

3DReshaper 2018 Released

3DReshaper 2018 has been officially released with lots of new features including a brand-new reporting engine allowing you to create, edit, and customise your own reports from pre-defined templates or from scratch. The release also includes a report editor that is a complete tool to end your workflows with. Add text, move images, put a snapshot of your scene with labels, data tables and export all of it in a 2D or 3D PDF. 3DReshaper 2018 allows you to work your point with even more precision than before with the clean/separate command which has been significantly improved for an easier... (read more)
2018-06-06 12:58:54

HxGN SmartNet Releases App for Instant Updates

HxGN SmartNet has expanded with the release of an app that now the latest status information directly to your smart phone so you are always aware and up-to-date of the environment around you. Many professions benefit from HxGN SmartNet to efficiently complete their daily tasks, including surveying, construction, agriculture, logistics, automotive and many more. The app provides an information channel that is independent of the GNSS device being used. So, whether you are a surveyor, engineer, farmer or construction machine operator, it keeps you informed of all aspects of the HxGN SmartNet service that is relevant to your location. Information is available... (read more)
2018-04-06 11:41:36

New Solution for Mobile Data Collection

ADW Software has launched MyCumulus. MyCumulus is a combination of an app, a website and a number of tools that allows any user to create its own forms, collect data on an Android smartphone or tablet and view the data on the MyCumulus website. The data can be imported in Excel and in Pythagoras CAD+GIS Software. MyCumulus has an Open API, allowing developers to write tools that interact with the MyCumulus server. Integration of databases and making custom reports are just a few examples of the plenitude of solutions the API offers. MyCumulus is a solution for GIS data collection... (read more)
2017-02-28 09:22:03

Survey and GIS in San Diego

Everyone forms their own impressions of San Diego, but for surveyors and GIS folks in the Summer, it means the largest geospatial event in the world, the ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit combined with the ESRI International User Conference. The 28th annual User Conference (UC) came in early August with the theme ‘Building New Opportunities’, the bulk of the Survey Summit running as prelude the previous weekend. The summit drew over four hundred attendees, a roughly 8% increase over last year. Both conferences featured a trade show. The summit also includes the Survey and Leadership Forum, actually, a Special... (read more)
2008-11-11 12:00:00

United We Stand - GEO Business 2014

Over 1600 attended the UK’s first GEO Business show and conference in London in May. With a definite buzz, in the view of one observer, ‘it marked the dawn of a new era for the geospatial community’. GeoBusiness 2014 was generally hailed as a great success – for the organisers; for the 118 exhibitors; for the 1600 punters; and, we would argue, for the whole geospatial industry in the UK. Some of us remember the AGI conference and show held at the same venue – Islington’s Business Design Centre – a few years ago and will agree that this was... (read more)
2017-04-26 05:57:53

Bringing Geomatics and Geospatial Professionals Closer - GEO Business 2017

Event chair, Steven Eglinton, director of GeoEnable and vice-chair of AGI, urges geospatial professionals to come together for two days of conferences, workshops and exhibitions to learn, network, share and collaborate. While GEO Business’ roots are in survey and geomatics, the event has broadened into ‘geospatial’. It covers not only data capture, but data processing, management, use, re-use, maintenance and how to add value to business. It looks at the whole spectrum of what ‘geospatial’ can mean. Organisations represented include: Association for Geographic Information (AGI) Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Royal Institution of... (read more)
2017-04-04 04:14:58

DatuSite Suite Released Online

Datumate has announced that its DatuSite suite, an aerial mapping and 3D modelling solution for field construction sites, will be offered at Datumate's online store. DatuSite will be available for purchase worldwide beginning this week, with a range of monthly and annual subscription plans. The layered offering enables Datumate to provide its cutting-edge solution to a wide variety of customers, from individual surveyors to earth moving construction companies. The solution utilizes drone images to generate maps as well as 2D and 3D models. It runs instant stockpile volume calculation, and generates construction monitoring reports that can be viewed on your desktop in... (read more)
2017-06-09 02:31:19

Android Application for Field Data Collection

Trimble introduced today Trimble Penmap for Android, a cloud-connected application for field surveying and high-accuracy Geographic Information System (GIS) data collection that works on mobile handhelds, smartphones and tablets. The app focuses on core survey and mapping tasks such as cadastral and boundary surveys, establishing local control, stake-outs, quality checks and asset management for utilities. It provides both professional surveyors and field workers with an intuitive, map-based interface to manage features and attributes for high-accuracy GIS and complete survey documentation. For example, the application can be used in the energy distribution industry for locating infrastructure and recording critical information on... (read more)
2017-07-31 02:14:14
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