GeoSLAM and Bentley Systems Join Forces to Take Mobile Reality Modelling Indoors

GeoSLAM and Bentley Systems have announced a partnership to enable the simple and fast production of hybrid reality models in any environment. After having presented fast 3D laser scanning using a handheld mobile scanner, the next stage is to further improve how the results can be both interpreted and consumed within typical engineering and GIS workflows. Bentley Systems’ reality modelling software, ContextCapture, available on desktop and mobile devices, produces engineering grade textured 3D models for design, construction, and operations derived purely from photographs. A quick and inexpensive way to provide real world context, the software is commonly used for modelling... (read more)
2017-10-09 01:42:24

OGC Request for Information: 'Mixed Reality to the Edge' Concept Development Study

As part of its 'Mixed Reality to the Edge' Concept Development Study (CDS), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is requesting information about needs and solutions involved in the automation of workflows that curate, discover, process, integrate and publish (disseminate) 3D/4D geospatial content to users at ‘the edge’. In this sense, ‘the edge’ represents field-deployed users with mobile devices that may have only limited or no internet connectivity (also known as denied, disconnected, intermittent and limited bandwidth (DDIL) environments). Users at ‘the edge’ include first responders, field-deployed utility workers, war-fighters and others. The volume and variety of spatial and temporal data... (read more)
2019-01-09 11:36:09

VR Simulator Helps Shape Future of Autonomous Vehicle Services

3D Repo, UK, is creating 3D Virtual Reality visualisations to help simulate driverless vehicle routes as part of a GBP 100 million government backed research project. Led by TRL, the project is part of the Smart Mobility Living Lab, located in Greenwich, London. The Living Lab provides a real-life environment where Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) can be developed, evaluated and integrated with the local community.       3D Repo’s cloud-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) collaboration software combines with the latest Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, so enabling visitors to the Living Lab to explore the local transport environment from the convenience of... (read more)
2017-08-10 01:02:57

Denis Shergin

Denis Shergin is an accomplished expert with a strong technical background in real-time 3D graphics, virtual reality, simulation and training, development of cross-platform desktop software, and game development. In 2005, Denis co-founded UNIGINE, bootstrapped with US$0 initial budget, without investments. He made it profitable from the very 1st year and built the world-class multidisciplinary team. The company specializes in real-time 3D visualization production on the basis of the UNIGINE engine. (read more)
2019-06-05 05:44:00

Bluesky 3D Models Used to Create VR Simulation of Offshore Wind Farm

3D models from Bluesky are being used to communicate plans for a new offshore wind farm in Scotland. The interactive models allow users to ‘teleport’ around a virtual environment, viewing the proposed turbine development from the coast in the real-world context of existing buildings and trees. Created by environmental consultancy company SLR and commissioned by Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL), the scale 3D model has already been used for public consultations and a visual impact study for the proposed scheme off the east coast. Created from high resolution aerial photography, the data supplied by Bluesky included a detailed and accurate... (read more)
2017-11-20 10:12:17

Concept3D and Flexential Introduce VR Data Centre Tour

Concept3D, a leader in creating immersive online experiences with 3D modelling, virtual reality (VR), interactive maps and virtual tour software, has announced the launch of a powerful 3D video and VR experience of Flexential’s (formerly Peak 10 + ViaWest) data centres, including a unique immersive section to learn about data centres through a game-like interface. The system was first unveiled at Gartner’s 2017 IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, where conference attendees lined up at the booth to put on the Oculus VR goggles and be transported to one of Flexential’s data centres, where they... (read more)
2018-03-01 10:33:02

SphereVision Launches Complete 360 Imaging Platform

SphereVision is revolutionising the use of 360 degree imaging with the release of SphereVision Project. An intuitive end to end solution, the suite is designed to bring together 360 degree imagery with site specific information such as still photography, documents and maps. Complete with a modularised project builder and easily distributable viewers, the desktop software suite includes three brand new modules; Virtual Reality, Geospatial and Timelapse Capture. SphereVision Project also includes a range of other new features and functionality including an automatic 360 tour generator. “SphereVision Project, unlike other solutions that tend to be ‘service led’, allows users to create... (read more)
2018-04-13 10:20:10

Interactive Campus Map Software Facilitates Exploring CU Boulder Campus from Anywhere

Colorado University Boulder is the latest major university to launch on concept3D's CampusBird platform designed for education institutions. The CampusBird experience offers 3D, detailed interactive maps of both campus grounds and building interiors as well as the ability to highlight off-campus attractions and resources. The system's map layers can be modified and customised for communications and marketing needs of university admissions, athletics, facilities, alumni relations and other departments. The CampusBird platform is designed for way finding, marketing, and to support major campus events, among many other applications. The platform helps schools make information readily available and easy to navigate on... (read more)
2017-10-03 08:31:13

Gaming Technology Brings 3D and VR Data Visualisation to Mining Industry

Mining technology developer Maptek and augmented reality experts LlamaZOO are teaming up together to bring digital twinning and advanced 3D data visualisation to the mining industry. LlamaZOO Interactive is an award-winning software studio developing 3D interactive data visualisation solutions for enterprise and industry 4.0. LlamaZOO specialises in centralising disparate spatial datasets and making the information actionable for all stakeholders through real-time engaging 3D and VR/AR. Maptek stakeholders within customer networks will be able to interact with their spatial data in high-resolution 3D, in a format typically only seen with high-end video games, but with actionable real-world data. Imagine viewing live... (read more)
2018-08-22 11:27:21

Hawaii Convention Center Launches Interactive Map from Concept3D

Concept3D, a leader in bringing physical spaces into the digital world through 3D modelling, virtual reality (VR), interactive maps and immersive virtual tour software, has announced that the Hawaii Convention Center has launched the company's interactive map and virtual tour platform. The new 3D map creates a fully interactive and richly detailed digital version of the 1.1 million square foot Hawaii Convention Center. The multi-level map profiles the convention centre's 200,000 square foot Kamehameha Exhibit hall, 35,000 square foot Kalakaua Ballroom, registration lobby, 47 meeting rooms, two-tiered seating theatres, and 2.5-acre rooftop events garden, and makes it easy to find on-site artworks,... (read more)
2018-03-21 10:44:44
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