Geospatial, IoT and the Digital Twin

The IoT phenomenon, although still in its infancy, has revolutionised almost every sector in today's world. Among the many buzzwords associated with the field is one known as the 'Digital Twin'. The Digital Twin concept refers to a means by which industrial machinery, buildings, devices and their component parts are designed, engineered, monitored and maintained both physically and digitally. Essentially, the Digital Twin is a virtual representation of an asset, and it's based on the rationale that one can better understand how it operates and interacts with the surrounding world through designing an exact replica. The Benefit of Digital Twins... (read more)
2017-06-02 03:00:42

TomTom and Elektrobit Reveal HD Map Horizon for Automated Driving

TomTom, a leading independent location technology specialist, and Elektrobit, an award-winning global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry, has announced the release of an industry-first HD map horizon for automated driving. The map helps vehicles to build a highly accurate virtual picture of the road ahead, enhancing driver safety and comfort. By streaming the latest TomTom HD Maps via TomTom AutoStream through Elektrobit’s ‘EB robinos Predictor’ onboard software, the map targets vehicles with a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Automation Level of 2 and higher. It is compliant with the automotive industry’s Advanced Driver Assistance... (read more)
2019-03-11 10:11:55

TatukGIS Releases GIS SDK for Java

TatukGIS has released the new Developer Kernel for Java edition, a general purpose GIS SDK for vector and raster manipulation, querying, and editing designed for application development using NetBeans, Eclipse, and other Java compatible development tools. As a native Java bytecode jar file, the Developer Kernel (DK) for Java is fully executable on Java Virtual Machine and truly multi-platform. Compiled applications have been successfully tested on Windows, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu x64), and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). The DK for Java edition supports the same functionality and same extensive set of vector, image, and raster data formats, including database layer formats (via... (read more)
2018-03-02 10:26:55

NavVis IndoorViewer Update Creates 360 Degree Walkthroughs

Indoor spatial tech provider NavVis has announced a new feature in the latest update to their IndoorViewer app - the ability to create immersive 360° walkthroughs from structured E57 point cloud files. Web-based IndoorViewer creates digital twins from point clouds, panoramic images and maps - extending the use of point clouds beyond building plans and BIM models and allowing remote, virtual access to complex sites and projects. “IndoorViewer was originally developed to display the data captured by our indoor mobile mapping system in a way that is accessible to every user. In recent years, we have seen that making scan... (read more)
2018-10-10 11:18:57

Arvizio Debuts Collaboration Suite for HoloLens Users

Ontario-based software vendor Arvizio has announced an update to MR Studio, its flagship product for enterprise mixed-reality. Previously, the application offered visualisation of complex 3D models (including point clouds from your DotProduct), real-time collaboration, and enterprise data integration for Microsoft HoloLens. Now, multiple users in different locations can view and interact with life-size 3D holographic models in AR. The update to MR Studio brings three new modes: HoloSync: users in the same location walk around the same 1:1 model, each with their own vantage. These users can share annotations and highlight areas of interest. Multi-Room: Users in multiple locations view and... (read more)
2018-04-20 10:24:19

FARO Updates SCENE for Faster Performance and Better VR

FARO has announced the 2018 version of its processing and visualisation solution for their Focus line of scanners. This platform has been developed with an eye toward optimising “the entire AEC construction lifecycle,” or what FARO calls “traceable construction.” The software includes a new feature called Laser-HDR that uses a proprietary process to “intelligently” combine a laser scan image and a photograph. FARO promises that the results improve on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques, cutting down on scan time by 5x and reducing data volume to 150MB per scan. Notably, the feature is compatible with “all generations” of FARO Focus laser scanners,... (read more)
2018-08-30 01:10:06

Leica Releases TruView Cloud Service

Leica has released its TruView Cloud Service  allowing users to take reality project data gathered by any kind of sensor and—simply by logging into a Cyclone Cloud account—publish it for remote access and use in BIM, GIS, and CAD applications. Though TruView Cloud is designed to offer a very simple upload operation, it also includes much more granular security controls, enabling administrators to set permissions and restrict data access as necessary for different stakeholder communities. From there, stakeholders can use it to view, measure, and manipulate the data anywhere, anytime, and on any device. As Faheem Khan, vice-president of business development explains,... (read more)
2017-07-11 10:14:08

Hexagon Acquires Geospatial Information Visualisation Specialist Luciad

Hexagon has announced the acquisition of Luciad, a Belgium-based software company specialising in the visualisation and analysis of real-time geospatial information. Luciad will be fully consolidated, operating within Hexagon’s Geospatial division. Luciad’s visualisation technologies support live connections to dynamic sensor feeds in a 3D environment. The result is a 5D digital reality: real-time, rapid fusion of multi-source content and the ability to perform analytics on-the-fly. These intuitive command and control systems benefit all kinds of applications - from public safety and smart cities to defence and intelligence - enabling users to make critical decisions based on changing information in real time. This... (read more)
2017-10-04 10:20:07

Topcon Introduces MAGNET Inspect for UAV Inspection Applications

Topcon Positioning Group has announced a software package designed to facilitate data processing workflow for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) infrastructure inspection - MAGNET Inspect. The software efficiently manages large UAV data sets to create inspection reports. “MAGNET Inspect will work with models from virtually any UAV. When combined with Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition and Topcon ContextCapture, powered by Bentley Systems, the software enables operators to efficiently navigate, annotate, and create reports with inspection photos, effectively creating a very strong end-to-end inspection workflow,” said David Ahl, director of software product management. “It is now a key element of the Topcon end-to-end UAV and... (read more)
2018-08-31 10:42:59

CloudCities adds IFC Support to its 3D City Models

CloudCities, formerly known as SmarterBetterCities, has announced a new upgrade to its platform to support the IFC (industry foundation classes) file format for BIM. This news follows the company’s announcement last October that it had integrated VUEWorks asset management products into its 3D city model service. That partnership enabled the easy integration of asset data, BIM, CAD, and GIS information with 3D reality data such as 3D meshes. With the added IFC support, the company says, working with BIM in the cloud is simplified further. The import workflow now offers user-friendly grouping options. CloudCities has also added an attribute editor,... (read more)
2017-02-03 12:57:14
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