3DReshaper 2018 Released - 06/06/2018

3DReshaper 2018 has been officially released with lots of new features including a brand-new reporting engine allowing you to create, edit, and customise your own reports from pre-defined templates or from scratch.

The release also includes a report editor that is a complete tool to end your workflows with. Add text, move images, put a snapshot of your scene with labels, data tables and export all of it in a 2D or 3D PDF.

3DReshaper 2018 allows you to work your point with even more precision than before with the clean/separate command which has been significantly improved for an easier and more efficient use; and you can now benefit from new segmentation and filtering tools (according to the point cloud’s real colours, its inspection or intensity values, etc.).

Aware of the surveyors’ constantly-evolving environment, the software allows you to address new markets: discover new tools for stockpile measurements (draw the contour directly on point clouds to measure its volume), and the possibility to compute a 2D inspection for road cross sections.

Download the new version here

Last updated: 19/06/2018