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Digpro for Better Cooperation in Fibre Networks of Three Swedish Communities

Digpro has been selected to provide the three Swedish neighbouring municipalities Dorotea, Åsele and Vilhelmina with the geographic information system dpCom for their fi... (read more)

Hosting Massive Geodata Made Easier

Memory requirements for geodata are continually increasing. To meet this growing demand, virtualcitySYSTEMS, a Berlin-based systems house, has developed a new hosting solution... (read more)

SuperSurv 10.1 Supports Raster Formats and Online Maps

Supergeo’s SuperSurv 10 sets OpenStreetMap as its default online map. Due to the feedback, in SuperSurv 10.1, Google Maps will also be supported as base map, helping fie... (read more)

Free Access to Mobile Mapping App for Organisations Responding to Natural Disasters

Takor Group is offering free licences for its mobile GIS and data collection app, Mappt, to support the immediate response and recovery process in the aftermath of freque... (read more)

Podcast Series on Contribution of Location Technology for Digital Transformation

Esri has launched ‘Esri & The Science of Where’, a weekly podcast that features executives, thought leaders, industry analysts, technologists, and Esri experts... (read more)

3DUserNet Shaping a 3D World with Interactive Portal

3DUserNet enables users to store, view, work on and share all their 3D data and projects directly online, on one portal, using modern devices, anywhere. With collaboration fea... (read more)

Challenges of BIM Scalability for Major Projects Surmounted

Bentley Systems has announced the availability of AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition, Bentley’s building information modeling (BIM) application designed for build... (read more)

Online Portal with Fast Access to High-quality Water Depth Data

The Bathymetrics Data Portal allows users to search, purchase and automatically download the best available water depth information directly from the online store to their com... (read more)

Proposal for AP High School Course in Geographic Technology

The American Association of Geographers (AAG) has recently submitted a proposal to the director of AP Curriculum and Content Development to introduce a new Advanced Placement... (read more)

Mobile Operations for South African Telecom Provider Streamlined

WIRUlink, telecom provider in South Africa, has turned to Maxoptra to improve its field service operations. Integrated with WIRUlink’s in-cab telematics solution from To... (read more)
HCE 300

HCE300 GNSS Data Controller

HCE300 is a professional GNSS data controller with alphanumerical keypad which will benefit more surveyors with great ease during the filed work.

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