Boundless and Mapbox Partner to Deliver Global Content - 19/07/2017

Boundless has announced a strategic partnership with Mapbox, the location data and mapping platform for developers. Through this partnership, Boundless customers can now access high-quality Mapbox basemaps within the Boundless Connect ecosystem.

Boundless Desktop users can easily access this content through the Boundless Connect plugin. Mapbox content is also accessible through Boundless Suite and Exchange subscriptions. These basemaps include:

  • Mapbox Streets:A comprehensive, general-purpose basemap used for styling transit networks
  • Mapbox Outdoors:A basemap with curated tilesets and specialized styling tailored for adventurous use cases such as hiking or biking
  • Mapbox Light & Dark:A subtle, full-featured basemap that provides geographic context while highlighting data
  • Mapbox Satellite: A full global basemap, perfect as a blank canvas or overlay
  • Mapbox Satellite Streets: Combines Mapbox Satellite with vector data from Mapbox Streets, providing a comprehensive set of road, label and POI information; bringing greater clarity and context to the crisp detail in high-resolution satellite imagery
  • Additional premium services for routing, geocoding and more will be available in the near future


Last updated: 13/11/2019