Manifold Release Viewer to Explore and Analyze Spatial Data - 11/07/2017

Manifold has released the Manifold Viewer, a free product that uses CPU parallelization to view, explore and analyze spatial data from thousands of different sources including GIS, DBMS, cloud and web data sources to perform powerful analysis.

The Viewer is a read-only subset of Radian Studio, Manifold's spatial engineering environment that blends geospatial and traditional data capabilities within a single, all-inclusive product. Users can write (or copy) sophisticated queries for generating comparisons or reports from the data they input. For authoring, users would continue to use whatever read/write DBMS, GIS or graphics editor they now employ.

The software cannot write projects or save edited data back out to the original data sources. However, it does provide the capability to view and analyze almost all possible different types of data including tables, vector geometry, raster data, drawings, maps and images from thousands of different sources.

Viewer can open multiple sources at once to blend, extract, transform, analyze, validate, visualize and explore data. It retains many of Radian's abilities to transform data and combine it with other data sets for visualization.


With it being a free product, the Viewer does have some limitations compared to Radian Studio:

  • Does not include automatic GPU parallelism like Radian
  • No access a scripting interface
  • Is self-supported



As a subset of Radian, free Viewer updates will automatically track free Radian updates. As new formats or capabilities appear in Radian, those too will appear in Viewer. This also means the two systems have the same reliability levels – which is good news as Radian has never crashed.

Download and Use

Viewer is free to download and use. It requires no registration and no provision of email addresses. Just download, install and run. For initial threads and discussions about viewer see the Manifold forum at

Last updated: 27/02/2018