MyCRM Launches Mapping Integration for Microsoft Dynamics - 06/03/2018

Solution Provider and Software Development Company MyCRM has announced the next release to market of eMap for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365, using the Bing Maps API.

eMap from MyCRM is an extensive data management tool that enables Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 users to manipulate and work directly with CRM data from an integrated Bing Map. eMap includes a range of great sales and marketing tools, from building complex advanced find queries by location through drawing areas on a map, to building marketing lists and planning routes to visit customers or prospects.

eMap is one of the only solutions to also include external data sources by location and gives access to 85 million external business records globally with basic contact information in CRM, this creates a powerful prospecting and research solution.

The eMap solution is a cost effective subscription based solution, offered with a compelling licence model that only requires a subscription for those users that need access to the eMap functionality not every Microsoft Dynamics user that is enabled. Subscriptions can be purchased monthly or annually with discounts available for volume and duration, and can be increased and decreased as needed.

The latest solution can be downloaded as a trial or as an update from the MyCRM download centre:

Last updated: 20/03/2018