Transforming Global Mapping and Intelligence with Geospatial Information and Insights - 14/11/2017

Radiant Solutions, a geospatial services business unit of Maxar Technologies (formerly MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.) has adopted its strategy for combining its legacy businesses . Radiant Solutions will deliver capabilities to transform global mapping and intelligence missions by revealing information and insights that help national security and commercial customers better understand and navigate the changing planet.

The newly combined Radiant Solutions team is comprised of over 1,000 specialised aerospace engineers, geospatial analysts, weather and ocean experts, developers, data scientists and DevOps engineers who are proven at delivering innovative capabilities that keep our nation safe and help customers anticipate emerging threats and opportunities.

Developing Technology

The availability of pervasive data-gathering sensors, cloud computing, machine learning and big data analytics offers the potential for our customers to see and understand activity across our planet in near real-time. Radiant Solutions has a strong track record of partnering with customers to harness these emerging trends to create a decision advantage over their competitors and adversaries.

Radiant Solutions has the expertise, unique intellectual property, contract vehicles, and an open partner ecosystem to apply these disruptive technologies to national security missions much faster than traditional government contractors. For example, we combine change detection, automated feature extraction, and crowdsourced mapping to extract relevant information from satellite imagery, ground photos and telemetry data to equip warfighters and first responders with up-to-date maps in days when it would typically take months to produce.

Organisation Follows Geospatial Intelligence Cyle

The business is organised into three mission areas to enable innovation for customers across each phase of the geospatial intelligence cycle:

  • Sensor and Ground Modernization helps analysts and warfighters collect and process optical imagery, radar, and RF data from sensors in space and on the ground with cloud native missions systems to detect and observe global activities in near real-time.
  • Data to Insight helps government and commercial customers leverage cloud computing and open source software to make massive amounts of satellite imagery, radar, elevation, weather and volunteered geographic information easily accessible to analysts, developers and data scientists to enable data analytics at scale.
  • Agile Intelligence solutions helps our national security customers around the world harness the power of emerging technologies like machine learning, and big data analytics to cost-effectively process multiple sources of intelligence to reveal indicators of emerging threats and deliver insights that focus scarce ISR collection and operational planning resources.

Radiant Solutions is built on a foundation of experience amassed across MDA Information Systems, RadiantBlue, DigitalGlobe Intelligence Solutions and HumanGeo. Collectively these well recognized brands are known for delivering innovation across the GEOINT community. Over the next several months we will be converging our legacy geospatial services brands and legal entities to reflect our vision for Radiant Solutions to become a disruptive force in the industry.

Radiant Solutions offers some of the most exciting career opportunities in our industry in an environment where talented people can apply cutting-edge innovation to some of the toughest problems facing our planet. There are over 100 openings available across Northern Virginia, Maryland, DC, Michigan, Florida, and Colorado.


Last updated: 19/10/2018