Trimble MAPS Launched to Advance Map-centric Technology - 18/02/2019

Trimble has announced the launch of a new division, Trimble MAPS (Maps and Applications for Professional Solutions), positioning the organization as an authoritative source and global provider of routing, scheduling, visualization and navigation solutions designed specifically for commercial use.

"Map intelligence for positioning and movement of vehicles, workforces and assets has been fundamental in Trimble's solutions in agriculture, construction, forestry and other markets throughout the company's 40-year history. For that reason, it was a logical direction to create a division dedicated to driving the next generation of commercial map-centric technologies," said Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble senior vice president. "Traditional consumer mapping applications and solutions aren't designed for the operational and safety requirements of commercial use. With Trimble MAPS, we're committed to transforming the future of maps for work."

Trimble MAPS is formed by bringing together Trimble's former ALK Technologies and TMW Appian Final Mile businesses. The combination integrates ALK's industry standard mileage, mapping, routing and navigation with Appian's fleet routing, scheduling and optimization solutions. The result is a comprehensive platform designed to serve the entire commercial vehicle routing workflow from network modelling and strategic route planning to trip management and execution to real-time visibility and post-trip analysis. Trimble MAPS will maintain its core product brands, including PC*MILER routing, CoPilot navigation, and Appian routing and scheduling software.

"Uniting our complementary businesses enables us to provide a unique integrated platform – built on a single source of rich commercial data," said Michael Kornhauser, general manager, Trimble MAPS. "This platform enables companies to create end-to-end solutions that address both fleet-wide as well as vehicle-specific routing, scheduling, visualization and navigation needs. Not only does this broaden our reach in the transportation industry, it enables our expansion into a wide range of commercial vehicle-focused markets. Companies in these highly competitive markets are focused on increasing operational efficiency and providing superior customer service, driving the demand to build custom solutions with an advanced map-centric development platform."

To learn more about Trimble MAPS, visit or watch the video.

Last updated: 25/02/2019