Why Location Matters in Data Analytics - 18/11/2016

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is holding its Annual Conference on 23 November 2016 called #GeoCom16 “Why location matters in data analytics” and it will take place at the Royal Geographical Society’s headquarters at 1 Kensington Gore in London. Taking on a new, streamlined one-day format, it will feature key guest presenters and lightning sessions by members.

Rollo Home, Chairman of the AGI’s Action Working Group organising the event, said’ “The AGI is proud to bring our new-look Annual Conference #GeoCom16 to the RGS, considered to be the heart of geography and home to many professional geographers and explorers, past and present. It will be an inspiring venue to explore the importance of location and how we all use, consume and analyse big data. We hope it will be more accessible to more people than before, so anyone with an interest in location data and how it can shape so much of our future, we encourage you to come along.”

He continued, “We all know that the world is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Driven by an irrepressible increase in demand for products and services (generally at lower cost) while our resources (time, staff & budget) to deliver them are probably reducing: it's the classic 'do more for less' scenario. Technology has the potential to deliver salvation but it will do so with considerable disruption to existing business models and delivery mechanisms.”

“If you want more for less, you're probably going have to go about things very differently. This year we will focus on the more significant disruptors, namely (big) data and business analytics. With the amazing line-up of speakers, we will explore how new approaches to data harvesting and analysis, combined with location, are delivering new insights to a vast range of application domains.”

The full day’s programme is available here

Further information about the event, along with registration details for both AGI members and non-members, is available here: www.agi.org.uk/events/calendar/geocom16

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