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African GIS to 3D GIS in the Cloud
For the past fifteen years Sivan Design, a privately held GIS solutions provider from Israel, has concentrated on developing an approach which combines GIS, CAD and 3D technologies to produce software and services. The company quickly realised that this approach, combined with the knowhow it has accumulated in the process, allowed it to offer turnkey GIS solutions encompassing the entire range of GIS needs required by any country on a national scale. Sivan Design is now releasing its newest version of a coming trend in 3D GIS software: 3D-GIS in the Cloud. In 1999 the company released its first professional... (read more)
2011-05-25 05:03:13

Next Great Innovation for Ireland All Mapped Out

Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) is in the midst of a cartographic automation project that's transforming its product offerings and service capabilities. In partnership with Esri Ireland, OSi has developed the multiresolution data store (MRDS), an advanced cartographic solution based on the ArcGIS platform that enables OSi to automatically generate and update map products and services quickly, with minimal human intervention. This is an ambitious process-transformation project, and it's improving OSi's ability to respond to customer needs, save on operational costs, and provide the authoritative location framework that is essential to meeting Ireland's social, economic, legislative, security, business, and administrative requirements.... (read more)
2017-05-11 03:02:18

Land Registry and INSPIRE Index Polygons - Interview Andrew Trigg

Robin Waters talks across the waves to Andrew Trigg to discover more about latest developments with Land Registry, particularly its download service for INSPIRE Index Polygons. For over 20 years, the Land Register for England and Wales has been available for anyone to view but before 1990 it was “closed” to the public – you needed the permission of the owner of registered land in order to look at the register entries for that land and find out who owned it! And it was only in 1990 that compulsory registration, on transfer of title, reached every part of England and... (read more)
2017-02-27 05:33:05
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