Airbus Global Elevation Data Added to ArcGIS

Airbus Defence and Space WorldDEM4Ortho elevation data is soon to be part of the growing ArcGIS Online Living Atlas of the World. Covering the entire earth's land surface, this is the most consistent and accurate elevation model for ensuring that imagery is properly calibrated to geographic standards on a global scale. This data will be available for online end-user applications and developers creating apps with a specific need for elevation information. Navigation systems, for instance, can use 3D road data to give drivers better estimates of fuel costs based on the terrain. The applications for these elevation layers include analytics... (read more)
2017-07-19 01:47:17

The Revolution of GIS in Map Making

Visualising that what we do not know yet
GIS is crucial for map making nowadays and we could barely imagine cartography without digital data acquisition, processing, analysis and visualisation. But the art of map making is much older than GIS. Ever since the first maps were created thousands of years ago, cartographers have been busy with the collection, processing and careful representation of the world around us – in many output forms and crafted with various tools. How did GIS and data acquisition developments in the 20th century revolutionise this process and, consequently, our use of maps? This article highlights some of the developments we now take for... (read more)
2017-08-07 11:52:18

How to Create Effective Basemaps with CARTO

The basemap is the unsung hero of cartography. Regardless of the intended purpose, scale, or theme, the basemap must always provide the proper context, use a clear visual language, and effectively communicate the underlying data. For that reason, CARTO is constantly working to improve its basemaps and has decided to release a new version: Voyager. Designed by head of Cartography, Mamata Akella, this mobile-optimised basemap comes in three flavours (labels on top, labels under, and no labels). In addition, this iteration makes it even easier to incorporate vital street-level data, better understand the potential flow of traffic within an area, and create... (read more)
2017-10-17 08:47:42

How did you get into Geography in the First Place?

Chair of AGI Council Abigail Page charts her path to membership and achievement at AGI. . . and the route to outstanding cocktails! I’m always interested in who’s who at the AGI, where they’ve come from, and how they ‘got into’ geography in the first place. We have such a diverse membership – and with the emphasis on education and personal development in this issue, I wanted to share something about my own career path, the role for personal development, and indeed the changing nature of the AGI. Before entering a world of geo, I spent time managing a photo... (read more)
2017-08-04 10:49:24

INTERGEO – Bridge To A Digital Future

When geo IT experts from the worlds of business and science sat down together at a roundtable for INTERGEO and got talking, they put together a picture of geo IT’s significance and role at the present time and looking ahead as the transformation to a digital future takes shape. The experts concluded that intelligent geo applications will provide the answers to pressing issues that arise in the future. Each of the experts at the table has a particular specialism. Surprisingly, despite the great diversity of the industry representatives from Hexagon Geosystems and Trimble and the scientists from the disciplines of... (read more)
2017-07-25 03:02:24

GfK Releases Digital Maps for Australia

GfK has released a new, completely overhauled map edition for Australia. Along with more detailed coastlines, the digital maps reflect the latest status of the country’s 57,000+ statistical areas and 357,000 mesh blocks. GfK’s Australia Edition includes 20 updated digital maps that have been supplemented with numerous new details. The maps offer comprehensive coverage at postal and administrative levels, from the country’s nine states/territories. GfK’s cartographers have completely overhauled Australia’s 36,000 kilometre coastline and also digitised inner-city postcode boundaries with house-level accuracy. “An up-to-date cartographic basis is a crucial component of regional market analyses for companies from all industries,” explains... (read more)
2018-02-08 12:15:45

Geodata Takes Centre Stage at Intergeo 2019

At Intergeo 2019, from 17 to 19 September in Stuttgart, Germany, more than 680 exhibitors will be providing insights into the highly dynamic geospatial sector. The world's leading geospatial event will focus on the growing importance of geodata – also termed 'the currency of the future' – and the resulting opportunities. Key topics will be drones, smart cities and BIM. Tickets for this year's edition are available now.  Geoinformation has filtered into every area of our lives, with hardly a single website or app able to function without it. Planning, visualizing and designing, creating sustainable living spaces, understanding increasingly complex interconnections, finding... (read more)
2019-05-21 09:33:22

Ordnance Survey Ireland Shows New Perspectives for Workflows

The Republic of Ireland is leading the way in the international mapping arena, reports Frédérique Coumans. In September 2016, Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) became the first national mapping agency in the world with the capability to produce 1:1,000,000 cartographic products and services from its 1:1,000 topographic database in a fully automated flowline. OSi has populated a standards-based, object-oriented data model and implemented orchestrated, rule-based production workflows to achieve this result. One of the primary roles of a national mapping agency is to provide the authoritative view of the real world through the publication of mapping products and services. In OSi’s... (read more)
2018-11-29 12:08:05

GfK Releases Digital Maps for Asia

GfK has released a new, completely overhauled digital map edition for all of Asia. The edition features coverage of 49 countries, ranging from the three BRICS nations Russia, India and China to smaller countries such as Bhutan. In addition to more granular coastlines, the digital maps depict the latest status of administrative and postal regions. Detailed, up-to-date digital maps are a prerequisite for accurate location-based market analyses. GfK’s new Asia Edition 2017/2018 includes approximately 750 digital maps. These reflect the latest regional status and feature numerous new levels as well as a higher level of detail. GfK’s digital maps of... (read more)
2018-03-26 10:20:03

New and Existing Products - GeoDATA 2017

The event took place at the ILEC Conference Centre in West London on 30 November. It attracted 32 exhibitors and a busy crowd of enthusiastic participants. There was plenty of space in the exhibitor area which never looked either crammed or sparse. The rooms for the three-stream seminar programme were separate and sound-proofed. Each talk started dead on time and lasted twenty minutes, leaving a ten-minute gap before the next presentation. Time and space were managed with ease. There is no entry charge for attendees. It is the exhibitors who pay to be there and so this is an event... (read more)
2018-01-08 12:57:44
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