Airbus Launches VESTA Map Local to Improve 911 Location Accuracy

Airbus DS Communications, a pioneer in public safety communications, has announced the launch of a new solution within its VESTA 9-1-1 portfolio – VESTA Map Local which was developed with GeoComm. It is one of the first mapping systems to integrate both RapidSOS location technology and the Esri ArcGIS online maps. These capabilities help Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) improve location accuracy for indoor wireless calls and offer unprecedented user performance and map display speed. Plus, the VESTA Map Local solution integrates with the company’s VESTA 9-1-1 call handling system, saving PSAPs valuable seconds. 80% of 9-1-1 calls are made through... (read more)
2018-02-27 02:37:33

It’s Time for Just-in-time Learning

It is 20 years since Adena Schutzberg last learnt any GIS software in depth. She has since had a very successful career and argues that we, and course providers, need to tailor our learning to our immediate requirements. As I write this column in January, Esri is getting ready to ship the first release of ArcGIS Pro. The company has been talking about and showing the new product for a few years, so I’m confident readers have heard of it, if not seen or touched it. How will users learn the new software? Those new to ArcGIS of any flavour... (read more)
2017-01-09 11:36:32

Esri and Alibaba Cloud Bring Location Intelligence Technology to Cloud Users

Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, has announced that it has entered into a collaborative agreement with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Alibaba Group. The agreement will enable both organisations to deliver enhanced options to customers seeking to implement their Esri technology on Alibaba Cloud. Esri President and Founder, Jack Dangermond, described the agreement as both a recognition of successful implementations and a shared belief that location intelligence in cloud infrastructure was pivotal to addressing customers’ needs and solving real-world problems – especially those that need scalable computing, storage, and networking capabilities. “We’ve seen our users... (read more)
2018-04-17 02:14:06

Esri and DigitalGlobe Provide Unprecedented View of World Cup

Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, and DigitalGlobe have announced they have created a Story Map of high-resolution imagery that visualises the 12 venues being used for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, exclusive to The Associated Press. The World Cup is a major sports draw every four years, with over 3.2 billion people watching. Even more remarkable is that this is the first time the event has taken place in Russia, and it's the first time these images have been seen. The DigitalGlobe constellation of high-resolution satellites offers incredible accuracy, agility, and collection capacity, imaging more of the world in... (read more)
2018-06-20 10:12:32

Web GIS Improves Lidar Collection Response Time

The LMAP Initiative
The remarkable capabilities of airborne Lidar continue to improve, with scanners now able to emit more than a million pulses every second. Although it has never been easier to acquire high-quality laser data, storing and managing the huge volume of Lidar data collected can prove to be a challenge. Combined with associated metadata such as survey information, environmental conditions and flight lines, data management has now become a critical priority and focus. This article outlines a new initiative called LMAP that provides an automated workflow for uploading and storing Lidar and metadata into GIS. Developed in a partnership between RIEGL of... (read more)
2019-05-21 10:01:13

Manitoba Government Honoured for GIS Excellence by Esri

Esri Canada today recognized Manitoba Government’s Community and Regional Planning Branch with an Award of Excellence in applying geographic information system (GIS) technology to improve assessment parcel data management in the province. To complete an assessment parcel data fabric for incorporated Manitoba outside of the City of Winnipeg, the Branch partnered with local municipalities. The Branch now supports property assessment through the maintenance of rural Manitoba’s assessment parcel data. “In just a few short years, the Community and Regional Planning branch has significantly modernized assessment parcel mapping in Manitoba,” said Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada. “This results in increased data accuracy... (read more)
2017-04-28 01:23:11

Esri UK Conference 2015 Showcases Ground-breaking GIS Applications

Esri UK has announced that its 2015 Annual Conference, the biggest ever Esri GIS conference in the UK, will take place at the QEII Conference Centre, London on Tuesday 19 May 2015. With the theme ‘GIS Creating our Future’, the event will showcase how Esri’s ground-breaking new GIS applications are being used by customers in everyday life, from the government to businesses and individuals. Customers and guest speakers will also talk about how GIS is helping them to confront today’s global challenges from pollution and climate change, to population growth and urbanisations. Keynote speakers include Marco Sala, Senior GI Technical... (read more)
2017-01-11 04:27:51

1Spatial and National Trust Streamline Agricultural Grant Process

When the National Trust migrated to ArcGIS recently, 1Spatial supplied Geocortex Essentials as a solution for creating custom applications on top of the ArcGIS platform. With consultancy services from 1Spatial, the National Trust created a solution that has significantly streamlined its data collection and validation process for agricultural grant applications. Conservation Core Data Lead, Chris Cawser, says “We are placing total control of data verification in the hands of the staff who have the knowledge about what is being collected. The whole data collection experience has improved massively for site monitors and it’s been really positively received. The use of... (read more)
2017-01-24 11:29:33

Esri Announces Online Data Portal for Africa

Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, has announced the launch of the Africa GeoPortal, a comprehensive cloud-based platform that provides rich content and solutions from Esri and its partners. The geoportal provides access to Esri's ArcGIS Online service as well as geographic data and imagery for Africa. The African Union, African Development Bank, other international agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGO), academia, businesses, and national government funds will be able to use the geoportal to address the most urgent development challenges - from economic development and climate adaptation to conservation and health care. “Access to this Africa GeoPortal powered by the... (read more)
2018-05-11 10:43:47

Looking at Where Value Comes From - Esri User Conference 2015

Opening events, Pete Wilkinson, Esri’s head of customer success, urged us to use the downloadable event app. Alas, he later had to apologise for some of its shortcomings within the rambling floors and halls of Westminster’s QEII centre. Handing over to Esri CEO Stuart Bonthrone, the day began in earnest. In a wide-ranging introduction to the day, he argued that business needs to transform rapidly in the face of climate change; and GIS has a role to play. Ahead of us was learning about topics as diverse as air pollution, story mapping for Crimestoppers, endangered biodiversity, Ireland’s new water authority,... (read more)
2017-01-05 03:53:02
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